Tommy Hafey visit!

On Thursday the 6th of june Tom Hafey came to Berwick Lodge Primary School and had a very inspiring talk to all the grade 6 children. Tom Hafey was an AFL player/coach. Tom coached Richmond, Collingwood, Sydney Swans and Geelong. All the grade 6 children loved listening to Tom Hafey. Tom talked about keeping fit and playing sport. Tom said ” There is a sport for everyone ” and he had this saying that always inspired me the saying is ” If it is to Be it is up to ME ” 10 words. Tom is really passionate about sport so he always said to keep fit and do something healthy to keep you motivated. Tom also talked about being the best you can be and not being a clown, he always said ”you can do anything if you set your mind to it.” Tom gave us a challenge to do as many push ups as we can without stopping then Tom did some push ups for us then said watch this and did 1 handed push ups. Then he told us that every morning he gets up at aroung 5:20 and goes for a 6-7 k run and he does 250 push ups then goes for a swim in Port Phillip Bay and then does 700 sit ups and cruches. Tom is 82 years old and he does all this exercise every morning even if he went to bed at 1:30 and got up at 5:20 he would still do every little thing. I really enjoyed listening to Tommy Hafey he inspired me alot and im sure he did to alot of other grade 6 children too. At the very end some children got hes signature I got a piece of paper and my jumper I wear to footy training so when I feel tired I can look at the signature and I can remember to keep running. I think everyone loved listening to Tommy Hafey and I think he gave some people something to think about.

The Great Tommy Hafey!

Guess what?,

Tommy Hafey himself actually came to our school on the Thursday the 6th of June to give an inspiring talk to the grade six students about his journey.

Tommy Hafey is 81 turning 82 very soon and it is amazing what he can do at this age and I think most of you would not believe it, here is what he does best:

He does more than 100 push ups, more than 100 sit ups and a training session every day and he usually finishes by 1:00pm.

I thought the things that he does every day must have been a big commitment for him to say he would do that without fail, but sure does he do it he proved it to us by showing just a little of what he does.

The reason he chose to become super fit and do it forever is because of his love for life, and he also started to become fit when he started the sport that he loves, which is AFL footy which he started many years ago and he also got to become a coach aswell, although he is now retired he is still fighting fit.

Tommy Hafey spoke about many inspiring things and then he told us this saying which was super great and it was…….


This saying which is made up of just ten little words is going to be very helpful in my life and also many others.

I thought of many things after he had left and one of the thoughts I had was that I thought that I was the luckiest person in the world to be able to meet such a great person.

So overall every day is a great day as long as your here!