What Am I Learning In Science?

What I am learning in science is:


The type of the electricity I have been focusing on with my group (Meryn, Kiah and I) is Conductors and insulators.

Now for those who are visiting our blog and would like to know what conductors and insulators are, I will explain it for you:

A conductor allows electricity to flow/pass through a circuit without interuptions and some things that are conductors are –  The human body because water is a good conductor and the human body is 55% – 65% water, metal, Copper, Zinc and more.

An insulator is usually made up of plastic and covers cords so that electricity can not escape from the cords or pass through, so there for you don’t waste power.

So that is what I have learnt and hopefully you have learnt some thing from my writing to, also we will be doing more science experiments.

Below is a photo of me and Kiah with our work, Meryn could not be in this photo becuase she has no picture publicity for the interent.