New, new, new!

A few days ago in our class a new trainee teacher has come to stay in our class for I think about 2 weeks to learn off our teacher. Her name is Miss Bowden and she is really nice and today she took Meryn, Brooke, Amie and I into the back room to play a maths game it was a tricky game because it was weird how the numbers either added up or went down.

Any way I like Miss Bowden.

The next new thing we have started is in library and the thing is:

We are making collage’s on our enviroment and we have to do it with a partner, my partner is Amie.

The design we have drawn of it so far is really good but I am not saying what we are doing because that would just give it away and Amie and I want it to be a surprise for everyone.

Anyway there are lots of things going on that are new to us this week so I am going to take the chance and enjoy them.