Adventure Story

There I was playing with my pen, bored as always, all I could hear over and over and over in my head was maths MATHS MATHS!!! I hate maths and Mrs Lindsmore is soooo boring. BING BING BING there goes the bell FINALLY! That was a nightmare.

 “Michaela Hale please come and see me now” said Mrs Lindsmore in a croaky voice that I can’t stand

 “OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH” the class screamed willing to see what she was going to say to me.

 “Silence everyone go to your next class please”

” Yes Mrs Lindsmore have I done something wrong?” I asked

“Yes you have done something wrong, you are always day-dreaming in class and today is diffently not the first time you have been caught day-dreaming in maths classes sooo, you get 5 hours dentention every Saturday for the rest of the year I am sick and Tired of it Michaela!!!”

“WWWWHHHHAAAATTTT” I replied shocked

“You heard now go,go”

I went home reallu upset I was just about to turn down Polker Avenue, when ever I see Polker Avenue I think about England because Polker Avenue is also in England when I saw a girl playing harmlessly on the swings outside her house I wished that I was her.

I woke up hearing a unfamiler voice just above me.

“Cynthia, Cynthia wake up darling”

“I am not Cynthia Mum”

I opened my eyes starring right into two big blue, unfamiler eyes. “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH” I screamed running as fast as I could out of so called Cynthia’s bed and downstairs into a Billards room, I turned around running straight into a choclate fountain SPLASH chocolate went everywhere!

“Darling, are you alright? Oh no not your new satin pyjamas! All well I can always buy you a new pair! Off you go and get dressed to go to school I thought you that you thought you weren’t in England anymore”

A billards room and a chocolate fountain these people must be rich, I might get anything that I want I thought. I opened the wardrobe doors, all the clothes were hideous pink frilly dresses and long grey skirts.

In Australia Cynthia was not happy either “Where is my chocolate fountain I am going to scream if you do not get it!!!”  Cynthia was a terrible screaming and she had a lot of practice. “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH” The windows rattled, all the doors fell off and Michaela’s Mumm disappeared!

Michaela now Cynthia arrived at school and the 1st 5 minutes was horrible all the girls walking around saying La Di Da and in their fancy clothes and the teachers don’t get me started with the teachers the yelled at me because they thought that my dress was ugly! I WANT TO GO HOME!!!!

Days were flying past and I was still living the life as Cynthia! But one night I cryed myself to sleep, desperatly wanting to go home! But when could I?

When I woke up I was in maths class listening to BORING Mrs Lindsmore, but I would rather be with Mrs Lindsmore then over in England any day!!!!!