Kindy Books 2

Hello blog readers,

The idea of having our own book made for the kindy kids has gone to the next level.

Today Abbey and I have finished our books, and they were recorded efficiently and professionally by the great Mrs King (Teacher of Prep K.)

Wow, we were so, so proud to see our books finally finished and playing on the Ipad screen.

Our books are very colourful, bright and happy! Abbey’s book is called “Up In The Sky” and you guessed it is about things in the sky! Amie’s is called “Little Things” and once again you have probably figured out that it’s about little things such as a mouse, flower and birds. They look wonderful!

There were some fantastic comments about all the books grade 5/6N had made…….

Mrs Naismith, (teacher of 5/6N) shared with us “I am particularly proud with the effort in everyones books, they look sensational!”

Mrs King , stated “Great job they look fabulous! I think all of the books will educate the kindy kids with the repetitiveness of the words.”

All those comments really boosted our confidence with showing the books to the kids tomorrow.












Kinder Books


Yesterday, the grade of 5/6N got informed about a very special visit to Mansfield Street Kindergarden. We are going next week to see the childen and give them a gift we make. The very lucky kindy kids are going to be receiving a classmade picture story book. I am very fond of the idea as I think it will educate the kids.

Every studen of 5/6N will be making there own short story book. I think my idea is really good and the kindy kids will like it. My book is called “LITTLE THINGS!”

First we all had to make a rough copy in our writing books about what the story is going to be about. I am up to the front cover of my story, it is looking great.

We still have a long way to go with making our books, but I still think and hope the children will like it.