Courtney’s Adventure

Getting Locked In Knox City

We were shopping in knox city one day, and when I say we I mean Vanessa,Renee,Teagin and me Courtney. We were in factory drinking coke and holding like 1 million bags of clothes. The lady said knox was closing  and Renee said ” we should hide and get locked in knox. Our parents think were at Vanessa’s house but her mum is out so she will never know”. Renee always has great idea, anyway everyone agreed and we hid in the clothes rack, we heard the door close and came out ” what should we do first?” asked Vanessa ” we should watch a movie… Scream 5″ I replied. So we watched the movie, it was awesome!!! After that we got even more bags of clothes and went to the food court to eat, me and Vanessa had sushi even though I don’t like it, Renee had KFC and Teagin had Mc Donalds.

We fell asleep in the clothes rack and Teagin woke up by the door opening, she woke us all up and we raced out, and took a taxi home. “That was fun we have like everything, we even stole iphone’s” said Teagin “we should do that again” I said. We put all our clothes on the floor and rang Eden and told her all about it were planning to do it again next Saturday and bring Eden.

The End By Courtney