Abbey’s You Be The Star Circus Day!

 On the 12th of February 2013 my grade had a load of fun at the “You be the star Circus” workshop and performance.

Before we started the workshop two boys named Lindsey and Richie showed us a few tricks and how to use the special circus equipment and the tricks were pretty cool.

The workshop was great fun because everyone got to use circus equipment. The piece of equipment I liked using the best was the spinning plates because I could balance it on my palm! I tried doing the tricks That Lindsey and Richie did but I could not get the hang of them “Oh well better luck next time!”

We all sat back down again and Lindsey and Richie chose a few kids and asked them if they would like to participate in the end performance (I was not one of them.) I’m pretty shore those people who got asked that question all said yes.

So we left the gym where the circus was and went back to the classroom we had lunch and went out for play and once the bell went at the end of lunch playtime at 2:15 pm we went back to the gym and watched the end performance which had the students that got asked to participate in the end show and they had costumes on and performed very well!

I really like the circus that came to our school!



You Be The Star By Rahni

On the 12th February the 5/6 area had a circus day. We all got a go at three pieces of circus equipment. My group first did spinning sticks. You had two sticks that you catch with and one stick you throw with. Amy and I liked throwing the stick to each other. I tried doing tick tock but it was to hard. Secondly we did spinning plates. I like that one the most. I like throwing the plate up and then catching it. Even though I would sometimes drop it; it is still my favourite.  Then thirdly we did diabolos; it was fun but hard but in the end I court it. I love watching the show even though I wasn’t in it. I also loved watching Shenae on her little bike and I loved Amy’s pink, curly, hair. Also when Richy did a AMAZING trick on two stools.

6N Circus Photos

On Tuesday the 15th of March the circus came to Berwick Lodge and these are some of the photos that the teachers took on the day.