You Be The Star Circus!! By Ewan

On the Tuesday twelfth of Feb we had the You Be The Star Circus at our school. We were split into three groups and we had three things to do. First we had to do the spinning plates .I got the hang of it at first but then I lost it. Secondly we did the diablos it was really easy and it was fun and then I did the jumping, I could not get the jumping right. Thirdly we did the spin sticks this one was the best I got the hitting side to side. Later in the gym we saw a performance of everyone that was selected.


On Tuesday the circus came to visit us. There was two guys at the circus. There names were Lindsay and Richie.They taught us how to do all of the tricks. The first activity was the spinning sticks. I had a go and I did not do very well. But I still had a go and I did better than before. The second activity was the spinning plates I tried my best to spin the plate.The last thing we did was the diabolo.That was my favourite thing out of all of them.When they  told us to sit down.Mrs naismith got to choose two people to be in the circus.(But I was not one of them).

You Be The Star By Brodie

On the 12th of February the grade 5/6 area went to the gym to watch you be the star. In my grade’s session we did spin-plates, diabolo and super spin sticks. I loved the spin-plates they were fun to play with. I could spin it on my hand and finger. I tried to balance the spin-plate on my chin but it fell off and hit me in the face. I got hit with the spin-plate a lot but I just laughed.

After all that fun we did diabolo. I could get it to spin but I could not through it up and catch it. I got hit on the legs and foot with them, well mine. But over all it was fun.

Super spin sticks, well I was not very good at those. When we were doing the super spin sticks Richie came over to show us how to do the spin on the stick and I could do it for a couple of seconds. I really found them fun Me and Gemma could pass them over to each other for a bit.

We did the super spin sticks first the spin-plates second and the diabolo third. My favourite was spin-plates I really enjoyed them they were fun.That was a bit about you be the star. I give that day a 10 out of 10. 🙂

You Be The Star Circus! By Kiah

On Tuesday the 12th of February, we had the You Be The Star Circus come to our school. First of all Lindsey and Richie put on a show for the 5/6 area with spinning plates, diablos and spin sticks.

Then we got placed into 3 groups so that we could try out 3 different pieces of circus equipment. My group had the diabalos first. I couldn’t get mine spinning until the end of our rotation. Secondly, we had the spin sticks. This is when you have two sticks and one to thow up in the air. I could throw mine in the air and catch it. I could do much more too, such as rolling it up and down the two sticks. Thirdly,  we had the spinning plates to use. After a few minutes of not being able to keep the plate on the stick I finally mastered it. I can spin the plate on my palm, on one finger and on my chin.

During the sessions the two circus men chose some of the grade 5 / 6 students from each grade to perform in the circus show at the end of the day. After lunch  the show started and it was awesome because I saw some of my friends perform tricks I didn’t know they could do! I really enjoyed the show and the experience of learning circus tricks.