Coonawarra Camp

Guess what?

On Monday the 17th to Wednesday the 19th of June, the grades 5T, 5/6N and 6K went on a very exciting camp to Coonawarra! Coonawarra is in a Valley and so because it was raining so heavily all night and all day, it flooded. Because of this we were stuck inside playing games and things instead of doing activities. Though this was still fun.

One of the activities I did get to do was the “Giant Swing.” This is where you are in a harness attached to a big swing and you get pulled up by a rope to the hight you want and then you start swinging. I went to the top.

Another activity we did was horse riding! The horse I rode was named Mag-pie. Mag-pie was a really slow and lazy horse so I had to use a whip. I used this a few times because he was getting left behind. After finishing the track we did, we had to go back to the stable and say good bye to our horse. At this stage I didn’t want to say good bye and I wanted to take Mag-pie home.

One more exciting thing that happened on camp was our teacher Mrs Naismith’s birthday. For her birthday we made a cake, played party games and many more. I think Mrs Naismith had a great day

I had a great time at Coonawarra and would love to go again sometime! Maybe when it is not raining so much.


Hi blog readers, grade 5/6N, 6K and 5T all went some where very exiting!

We went on a camp for 2 nights and 3 days to Coonawarra Farm Camp Resort!

We got there and the weather was not great, it was raining quite heavily.

But that did not stop us that’s for sure!

For the first day we got to know the people that worked on the camp and later on in that day we did one activity, my activity was the “Giant Swing”.

I went to the top!

The next day it was still raining so we did inside activities and plus it was my teacher Mrs Naismith’s birthday.

I am sure she had a great day!

Then on the final day the bad weather had cleared up so I got to go horse riding (other people went horse riding to),

The horse I rode was named Mag-Pie, he was a beutiful colour and he was very lovely, he was the perfect size horse for me, he was not to high and he was not to low.

With the horses we all went round a track and because Mag-Pie was a slow horse I had to have a whip and I used that whip when the instructor told me that Mag-Pie needed to go a bit faster.

I thought that the horse riding was the best activitie I did on camp.

I wish I could bring Mag-Pie home with me!

After the horse riding I went canoeing then everyone hopped on the bus and we drove back to school!

That was my camp!

Camp Coolamatong Camp 1

Camp Coolamatong was a really cool camp! We did lots of activities like canoeing, cooking damper, survivor, farming and heaps of cool stuff. It was a really good camp because the food was really yummy, the group leaders were nice and the facilities are clean and good. I recommend that everyone should have a go at this camp because its all about getting along with different people there.

Camp Coolamatong

On Monday the 6th of June grades 6N (Half of 6N), 6K, 5C and 5T went off to camp Coolamatong in Paynesville. It was a 4 When we arrived there we got introduced by the camp staff and leaders. We got a small tour and learnt our way around the place.

 I was in group 8 and the first activity we did was going on a boat. We travelled to a really nice beach and played a game. It was loads of fun but the sand was really cold so everyone got cold feet. The next day we went canooing. That was exciting but really wore out my arms.

 By then I was tired but I still had many exciting things to look forward to. The other activities were bike riding (which I didn’treally like), archery, survivor, and last but not least bush craft. For bush craft we cooked pancakes, popcorn and damper. I liked the pancakes most. We cooked them on our own fires which we struggled to keep alight. All the activities were really fun and I really enjoyed camp this year.