My Cute Buddy!


I am going to tell you about my cute buddy Ava.

When Amy and I met our prep buddy for the first time she was a little shy, Mrs King (Ava’s teacher) gave them a picture of a buddy bear and they had to colour it in and because Amy and I gave her a buddy bear that was purple she wanted to colour her picture buddy bear in purple to so she did.

Half-way through colouring in Mrs Naismith asked for a photo and we got a really nice photo with Ava and after that we chatted to her while she was colouring in and I am pretty sure she was happy and I was happy to.

I had a great time with my buddy!

My Buddy

Hello 5/6N, Today Nathan and I got to meet our buddys.Our buddys name is Manat and she is five years old. Manat is a girl and she is in Prep K. Nathan and I are lucky to get such a nice buddy.Her favourite colour is purple and pink.We had a great time to get to know our buddy.I am looking forward to spending more time with my buddy.