Book Show Bag Expo!

The Book Show Bag Expo!

Yesterday the 22nd of August, it was an exciting afternoon for everyone at Berwick Lodge P.S (as well as some visiting parents), because the Book Show Bag expo had finally come!

The grade fives and sixes had their display all set up and ready to go.

When the clock showed that it was 2:30pm all the classes and parents started to flow in like a raging river!, to have a look at the fantastic work.

Some of the comments on my work were:

From Subhashini, “Awesome display and interesting work. It seems like a good book!”

This comment from Amie, “You are so creative with your work Abbey! I love it!”

Lastly this comment from Miss Bowden, “Amazing work you should be very proud.”

After all the comments and the people coming in and out of the classroom to see the work, the busy afternoon came to a close.

Oh and if you came to this great expo, on behalf of myself and the school, thank you for coming and we hope you enjoyed! By Abbey!