Harmony Day

On Friday the 21st March was Harmony Day. On this day, everyone at Berwick Lodge had to dress up in a traditional costume or orange. I do not have a traditional costume so I just wore orange. At 9:30 the whole school assembled on the basketball courts for a parade.

To start, there were two groups of people who performed their dance for performing arts. I personaly thought that they were both very good and  enjoyed it. I thought that it was really funny because at the end of each dance there was a strike of lightening and then thunder.

Unfortunately, after both the dances had finished, it started to spit so we had to go inside. Some people from our grade and their buddies went to the front of the school to have a photo in front of the Harmony Day sign, one of them was me. After we took the photo, we had to quickly get back to class because it started to rain heavily.

Because of the rain, we had to do indoor activities. We got to make people out of templates, paper chains with special paper, and also make paper human chains. My buddy and I made two people each and then she wanted to draw on the mini whiteboards, so that is what we did.

Even though the rain dissapointed everyone, it was still a great day and I think everyone had a great time.

Written by Aleece 6N