Sophie’s Adventure Story…

“Oh! How long does the queue have to take? I don’t want to be late for the exhibition!” I complained to my best friend Rose. We were going to the Cinders Museum to see the special “Superstitions and Beliefs” exhibition. It’s only shown every ten years so I wanted to be sure not to miss out! Finally, it was our turn to buy our tickets.

“Two adults for the Superstitions and Beliefs exhibition please.” Rose told the receptionist.

Yes! It was starting! Rose and I tried to make our way to the front of the crowd.

“Wow!” we exclaimed. As soon as the doors opened, we ran in, ready to explore every nook and cranny of the exhibition. Who knew there could be so much information and so many facts about superstitions. There were charms, medallions and even certain types of wood. There was a superstition that if you tapped wood, then you would get good luck.

As Rose and I were exploring, she accidentally walked under a ladder and a person next to her elbowed her stomach while they were trying to take their bracelet off! Either that was just a coincidence, or that superstition about getting bad luck after walking under a ladder is true!

Walking through all the extraordinary things, I spotted a dream-catcher. I always wondered how they work and if all the rumours about it are true.

“Wonderful, isn’t it, Felicity?” Rose unexpectedly said out of nowhere.

“Wow, Rose! You really shouldn’t do that to people. They can get seriously freaked out!” I warned her. That was the second bad thing that had happened to her today.

Out of the corner of my eye, while staring at the dream-catcher, I saw a book inside a glass cabinet. The information read,

“The spell book, once owned by Hexhilda the evil witch, was said to bring great power to the reader. Hexhilda was so powerful, she began taking over the world and demolishing every town she visited. Now, after being captured and put into prison, Hexhilda stays alive by an ageing spell that makes her five years younger every time the spell is chanted.”

Suddenly, there was a loud “CRASH!” and the wall of the museum collapsed to the ground. Instantly, everyone started screaming and panicking.

“Hey, YOU!” a  woman yelled. She was floating in mid-air out of the smoke and dust of the collapsed wall. I couldn’t believe it.

“Me?” I pointed to myself.

“Yeah, you. Get away from my book! Now!” I didn’t budge. One name went over and over in my mind. HEXHILDA!

“Oh, so you’re playing smart now are you?” Hexhilda fumed.

“If you don’t move by the time I count to three, I promise you won’t like what is coming!” Following my instincts, I only knew one thing to do. Grab the book and run. By now everyone had left the museum except for Rose and me.

“Rose, run for your life!” I shouted.

“Come back here!” Hexhilda ordered. We all ran out of the museum. Hexhilda started chanting a spell.

“Lazera-simartas-azura!” A red lazer shot from her eyes and went so close to me it burnt my shoelace! Then, remembering what the museum said about the spell book, I opened it and performed my first ever spell.

“Melatas-ropata-betona-kamu!” A rope magically appeared and binded Hexhilda’s arms to her body and she was unable to move. She fell to the ground, but she was still undefeated. She did another spell and a knife appeared, cutting the rope and tripping me over with a thud.

Then when I thought my life was going to end, Rose went from behind and hit Hexhilda’s head with a fire extinguisher.

“Thanks Rose. I owe you my life.” I smiled.

“Well, we shouldn’t stand there, let’s call the police while Hexhilda’s unconscious.” As soon as Rose had said that, the police arrived, ready to make an arrest.

“We got here as quickly as we could. Is everything alright?” asked a policeman stepping out of the car. Realising that Hexhilda was knocked out, he had answered his own question. He handcuffed Hexhilda and with another policeman dragged her into the car. She suddenly woke up and tried to struggle, but was too weak. I guess for her, it was back to where she started. Jail.

“I guess I should put this book back now.” I told the policemen.

“Actually Felicity, do you know what? For saving the world, you can keep the book. Just don’t go crazy like Hexhilda did okay?”

I was thrilled to hear that and jumped with joy.

“Did you hear that Rose? I get to keep the book!” I told Rose.

“Still think I’m bad luck, Felicity?” Rose joked.

“NO!” I replied.

Before the police headed off, Hexhilda had one more thing to say, “I’ll get my revenge on you! And the rest of the world. I will NOT rest until I do!”

It was really dark  now and I was pretty tired. I went home and headed straight bed. I drifted off to sleep.

Suddenly, I heard someone calling me. “Felicity, Felicity!”

I woke up with a jolt.

“Felicity! Wake up! You’re going to be late for school! This is the last time you’re sleeping in young lady!” my mum yelled.

“Oh, good morning mum, I just had the WEIRDEST dream. It was about a witch who broke into a museum and tried to steal back her spell book to conquer the world!”

As I reached to get my glasses, I saw the spell book and immediately remembered everything, especially that it certainly was not a dream!

By Sophie