Katie’s Adventure Story!!

The colored Maze!   by Katie

One day my sister, Barbara , and I went to a maze in Arthur’s Seat. It was a colored maze it looked like this:



There where  tires with a piece of wood in a circular shape on top of the Tyre, there were colored metal bars connecting  the tires. The colors of the tires were Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.

Barbara  read the sign that was out the front of the maze and said to me “OK Katie the order that we have to do this in is Blue, Red, Yellow and then Green… So are you ready to go?” and I said ” you bet…. lets GO!” So we went into the maze  and the first one we had to step on was Red.I turned to Barbara and said ” Barbs this doesn’t make any sense, the order is blue, red, yellow, green and how are we meant to start if the first one here is Red?” And Barbara answered with “I don’t  know maybe the order is wrong!?” and I said but what if it inst? And we can’t get out anyway. So how will we know?” And then Barbara started to look puzzled…

Barbara found a solution to the problem and said to me “What if we started somewhere else!?” and I said”that’s a great  idea!!” So we walked to another spot.This time it started with blue,so we started to walk on the metal bar when we got to the next tyre instead of tanbark underneath us there was water and another sign!  We read the  sign and the sign said the following: you have now reached the end of that pattern, you may now change the pattern to pink, purple, magenta then orange! But be careful if you fall into the water you will be eaten by the sharks!!!! So we walked onwards!

When we reached the middle of the maze the scene had changed to the beach and the sign had come back this time  it said, while you enjoy the scene and collect sea shells  change the pattern to Silver,Gold,Bronze and then Black but be careful of the lifeguard if he sees you you will have to go back to the start! So we walked onwards.

When we got to the third last tyre the tanbark came back and everything was back the way it was when we entered the maze but something was different there was another sign post that read: thank you for visiting the magic maze come back soon! so we left!!