Planet Ark Day

On the 24th of July 2015, the students and teachers from BLPS celebrated Planet Ark Day. We all had to wear green clothes, since that was the main colour of Planet Ark. We planted a plant in a milk carton, then decorated it in coloured icy pole sticks. Then we got together with our buddies to eat lunch, and help them build there own plant boxes. My buddy got on quite well with the task. Overall the Planet Ark day at Berwick Lodge Primary School was a fun day for all of us.IMG_2478

S.E.D.A Cricket Clinic report

On the 7th,14th and 21st of May we had the cricket clinic for two weeks which was run by the S.E.D.A students and we started of by getting split up into multiple groups in my group we had Summah, Simone, Ceili, Brodie, Jake, Max, Lucas (but they called him Scotty) and myself

We practised bowling first by bowling at the wicket and every time you hit the wicket the wicket would come off. There were 2 teams, Max, Lucas, Jake and I were in the first group and the other group was Brodie, Summah, Ceili  and Simone my team got two wickets but as the whistle blew we got the last one but they said it didn’t count, the other team got one.

Then we practised throwing by playing the game survivor where we have to throw the bowl when they say go but they made it harder by saying going, ghost and a few other words. I won once but lost all the rest. We played a total of six games

Then we practised throwing by bouncing the red ball and the tennis ball you had to throw up. I was with Jake again  and we got a few catches but we didn’t get the most because we would drop the catch when we got near five or six.

Last we did batting by hitting the ball off the cone and hitting it between the cones in between the two grey cones it was 5 points if you get in between the yellow and grey cones it was one point. I was with Simone, Summah, Ceili and I. I got 12 points but we didn’t win.

Overall it was really fun and my favourite was the survivor games but the whole thing was really fun and I reckon everyone liked it too.

On the 20th of May, Berwick Lodge Primary School held their annual open night.

All the captains took new families on a tour around our school. Many students were surprised to see how many families came to our school to see their children’s work or for a tour as it was such a cold night.

There were lots or activities around the school including making and tasting dumplings, crack the code in the 5/6 building, art activities in the art room, sport activities in the gym and many more. There was a live radio show running, the students involved in the radio show were Lachlan.W, Lexie B, Kyle M, Leah.H and Simone.S all from 6P. There was also a marvelous performance by the choir.

Overall everyone enjoyed the night, “ Everyone was very friendly and polite” Bailey.S quoted.

By Sharni and Tayla 6N.


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Cricket Clinic 2015

On the 7th and 14th of May we had a cricket clinic ran by the students from S.E.D.A.The S.E.D.A. students were well organised and had 4 activities for us to do throughout the clinic. They split our grade into groups, In our group we had Summah, Ceili, Simone, Brodie, Rohan, Lucas, Max and myself.

The first activity was bowling, We were split into two groups. It was Rohan, Lucas, Max and I verse Summah, Ceili Simone and Brodie. The first team to knockout three stumps wins. I started of with hitting a stump right when to opposition got one too. The Max and Lucas got one almost back to back, Lucas’s being on the whistle to move onto the next activity.

The next activity was a game of catch to catch with a small twist, we could only throw to our partner when the instructor said go. Sometimes it was confusing because they said words that sounded like go but they weren’t, so we were out if we through it and they didn’t say go. Soon the whistle blew to go to the next activity.

The next activity was again catch to catch, but with an even bigger twist. One lobbed a ball over whilst the other bounce passed it underneath the lobbed one. At first it was tricky, but over time it became extremely easy. We also had to count how many time we could pass the balls like that without dropping them, Rohan and My record was 23.

The last activity was just a bit of batting practice, we had to hit a ball in between 2 cones, I didn’t really do that most of the time. Brodie got it in every single time.

Overall my favourite activity was the first one, because of the competitiveness. But every activity was just as good as it and I had a great time both weeks.


Why is ICT important?

Why is ICT important?

Contemporary research has shown that ICT can lead to improved student learning and better teaching methods. A report made by the National Institute of Multimedia Education in Japan, acknowledged that an increase in student exposure to educational ICT through curriculum integration has a significant and positive impact on student achievement, especially in terms of “KnowledgeComprehension” · “Practical skill” and “Presentation skill” in subject areas such as mathematics, science, and social studies. Source:

Mr Kelly

Digital Technologies Learning Coordinator at Berwick Lodge Primary School.


CYC City Camp

My highlight for my Grade 6 year would be the CYC City Camp. I chose this as my highlight because it was such a        great camp and the fact that we were moving around every day non stop. I loved all the places that we went to like the Shrine of Remembrence, Parliment House, The Crown Casino Bowling Centre and my personal favourite was the Melbourne Star just that glorious view was amazing but the lights on the star were fernomanal. All in all it was fantastic expierence and I had a great time.Capture


Community Garden

I haven’t been posting much but this Friday on the 28th of November we are going to have an official open for our Community Garden! Berwick Lodge would like as many people to come as we have so many surprises for the night. Ill just give you one… The MAYOR is coming to help officially open the garden to our community. Want to find out more? Well you have to come to witness all the surprises as it will be a good night. Hope to see you there. 😉

A Day In The Life Of A Prep! :)

Hi! I have not posted anything in a while, but here is a cool movie for you to watch!

In LEEP we have a cool online TV show called BLOTS. It stands for Berwick Lodge Online TV Show. We make interesting videos for the audience relating to what we do at school. This video was all about showing parents what the preps do at school!

For this video, we had to take a lot of pictures of the preppies! Mrs M chose 5 of her students. Aleece, Tarah and I took them out to the playground and had our very own photo shoot. Then we followed them around and took more photos of them doing class activities.

After we finished the photo part, we had to put it all together. This took a while because we had to find the right music!

One of the things that I have learnt is to get only one person to find the music while the others work on the pictures because it takes alot of time to get the music perfect. We got our music from

Hope that you enjoy the film! Made by Steph, Aleece and Tarah

A Day in The Life Of Prep from Berwick Lodge on Vimeo.

Grade 6 Berwick College Visit

On the 5th of June 2014, 21 Berwick Lodge grade 21 students went to Berwick College for a transition day. This experience was for us to see what High school would be like in 2015.  At 1.00 pm Mr Dobell (Vice Principal) took us in his Minivan to Berwick College after we had finished our lunch.


Once we got there, we went through the office to the staff room and we waited there for about 5-10 mins. Then Mrs Kenning took us to one of the maths rooms where we would be doing our activity. In maths, we learnt about sphinx’s.


Our task was to make a sphinx with 4 little sphinx’s. Then each time we made our sphinx’s bigger, we would calculate what size is it and how much bigger than size 1 it was. You could figure out what size it was, by how many sphinx’s it had on the bottom and to work out  how much it was bigger than 1, you just multiply it by 4.


After we finished this task, we would have to go through what number would be to the power of 2, e.g if the answer was 36 , you would have to write 6 to the power of 2.

After our math class learning about sphinx, Mr Dobell took us back in his minivan back to school just before we were dismissed to go home . That was our wonderful time at Berwick College. I am  really excited about going to Secondary School in 2015.