On the 20th of May, Berwick Lodge Primary School held their annual open night.

All the captains took new families on a tour around our school. Many students were surprised to see how many families came to our school to see their children’s work or for a tour as it was such a cold night.

There were lots or activities around the school including making and tasting dumplings, crack the code in the 5/6 building, art activities in the art room, sport activities in the gym and many more. There was a live radio show running, the students involved in the radio show were Lachlan.W, Lexie B, Kyle M, Leah.H and Simone.S all from 6P. There was also a marvelous performance by the choir.

Overall everyone enjoyed the night, “ Everyone was very friendly and polite” Bailey.S quoted.

By Sharni and Tayla 6N.


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