Planet Ark Day

On the 24th of July 2015, the students and teachers from BLPS celebrated Planet Ark Day. We all had to wear green clothes, since that was the main colour of Planet Ark. We planted a plant in a milk carton, then decorated it in coloured icy pole sticks. Then we got together with our buddies to eat lunch, and help them build there own plant boxes. My buddy got on quite well with the task. Overall the Planet Ark day at Berwick Lodge Primary School was a fun day for all of us.IMG_2478

Kelp Forest

Kelp Forest

 The kelp forests are all over Tasmania and some of South Australia.

In the kelp forests are beautiful and exotic species of fish and kelp. But when people come they might destroy these animals and kelp by cutting off the kelp and diving with their submarines also by fishing .

Before these hidden forests were discovered they thrived and weren’t threatened. But when they were discovered the might become endangered and wrecked by divers, fishermen and submarines

The environmental impact is where the fish are dying because of fishermen and the giant kelp is getting cut by divers and submarines also the water is getting polluted by boats an submarines.

Tropical Forest

The Tropical Forest

The collage I’m working on is a tropical forest. The tropical forest is a place  where there are lots of trees and is also very humid. This tropical forest is in Australia.

The tropical forest’s environment is being destroyed. People have chopped down trees for paper and wood. People start building on this environment and have started littering everywhere. Animals will have nowhere to live and there would be no more plants. This is not a healthy environment for the tropical forest.

Kelp Forest

Hayden and I have finished making a collage about a kelp forest. We have learnt about what damage humans do to, not just the kelp forest but lots of environments, like the forest and ocean. Here is some things we included on our collage.

A kelp forest is the same as a reef but with kelp. It is full of fish and kelp. There lots of kelp forests in Tasmania.

Divers have been cutting up the underwater plants, like kelp, when they go diving. Fishermen have been killing the small fish as well. This is making the kelp forest unhealthy.

We need to stop damaging the kelp forest because all of the environments need each other to stay healthy.

By Caeden