S.E.D.A Cricket Clinic report

On the 7th,14th and 21st of May we had the cricket clinic for two weeks which was run by the S.E.D.A students and we started of by getting split up into multiple groups in my group we had Summah, Simone, Ceili, Brodie, Jake, Max, Lucas (but they called him Scotty) and myself

We practised bowling first by bowling at the wicket and every time you hit the wicket the wicket would come off. There were 2 teams, Max, Lucas, Jake and I were in the first group and the other group was Brodie, Summah, Ceili  and Simone my team got two wickets but as the whistle blew we got the last one but they said it didn’t count, the other team got one.

Then we practised throwing by playing the game survivor where we have to throw the bowl when they say go but they made it harder by saying going, ghost and a few other words. I won once but lost all the rest. We played a total of six games

Then we practised throwing by bouncing the red ball and the tennis ball you had to throw up. I was with Jake again  and we got a few catches but we didn’t get the most because we would drop the catch when we got near five or six.

Last we did batting by hitting the ball off the cone and hitting it between the cones in between the two grey cones it was 5 points if you get in between the yellow and grey cones it was one point. I was with Simone, Summah, Ceili and I. I got 12 points but we didn’t win.

Overall it was really fun and my favourite was the survivor games but the whole thing was really fun and I reckon everyone liked it too.