Coach Aproach

On the 7th of august all of the grade fives and sixes who paid for coach approach had a visit from coach approach.

Our grade was group one, our first activity was Taekwondo .It was held in the gym, the teacher was a Korean called Zen and a man called Bea. When we got there we were split into two groups. My group was two and we had to run from one end of the hall to the other. Then we learnt how to do the fighting stance. the fighting stance is where you put your right leg behind your left and raise your fists.

Then we went to Lacrosse which was taught by a man who played in the internationals for Australia. First we got a partner my partner was Caeden, then we grabbed a Lacrosse stick and a ball and then we had to flick it from partner to partner and then catch it. Then we had a mini game of Lacrosse but we had a number and when our number was called we had to run out onto the field and hit the backboard by flicking the ball at it. I think Lacrosse was the best sport out of all.

After that we moved onto Hip-Hop personallyI didn’t like hip hop very much. When we got there we did some stretches and then we learnt some dance moves.

After that it was snack time.

Then we had touch rugby. I didn’t really enjoy that either but we learnt how to pass the ball and what type of teams there are then we played a small game of touch rugby

After about ten minutes of playing we whent into the gym for the ending speech and for signatures I got four signatures. Overall I think it was a very fun day.

Coach Approach

On Wednesday the 7th of August, most of the grade 5’s and 6’s were taught taekwando, touch rugby, lacrosse and hip hop. There were 8 coaches showing us all the different sports.

Firstly our grade (5/6N) went to the gym to learn taekwando with Zen and Beau. Zen showed us some drills. We ran up to the wall after saying ‘kia’! She then showed us how to do a front kick. We had to yell front kick as we did it. We then played a game where we had to touch each others knees. Hayden versed me first. It was really fun, eventhough Hayden was better. We then moved across to the next person. I versed Kiah, Shenae, and Gemma as well. Sometimes the others kept on running away which you were not allowed to do! At the end we bowed to Zen and Beau, then left to go to lacrosse.

At lacrosse we learnt how to catch and throw. For me throwing was much easier than catching. I only caught the ball once. It was really fun though. We soon started scooping up the ball. It was really fun and I was really good at. Hayden was good too. After five or ten minutes we played number lacrosse. I only played once and I was the one that scored. Lacrosse was awesome. After lacrosse we did hip hop.

First we did some stretches to warm us up. Then she showed us the first part of the dance. It was really hard. She showed us the second part and we then had to do the whole thing from the start. It was diificult because one she did it really fast and two I had whacked my hand which was hurting already a bit. The next two sections were equally hard. Out of the whole thing the only thing that I could do properly was the bit where we pretended to brush dust off of our arms.

After snack we played our final coach approach sport. That was touch rugby. It wasn’t exactly my favourite but I still had a lot of fun. We started off practising our throwing. I was relly good at it. So was my partner, Levi. We had to spin the ball as we threw it. Then we had to practise attacking, we had to step over the ball and then someone would pick it up and throw it to another person, who would throw it back to the start. Then the cycle would keep on going. After we had learnt some drills and rules we played a mini match. Our team lost 3 to 0, but I still had a great time!

After that game we thought it was over, but what we didn’t know was we could get autographs from all of the coaches! Hayden and I got four signatures. The first one was from the man doing lacrosse. Then we got the paper signed by the rugby player. Then the Australian taekwando player. Then the last one was from a lady that did rugby with us. I thought giving signatures was a great idea!

At the end of the day I was tired and happy because I had had a great day! My favourite part was doing taekwando and catching and scooping in lacrosse. I would defiantly do it again!