You Be The Star By Brodie

On the 12th of February the grade 5/6 area went to the gym to watch you be the star. In my grade’s session we did spin-plates, diabolo and super spin sticks. I loved the spin-plates they were fun to play with. I could spin it on my hand and finger. I tried to balance the spin-plate on my chin but it fell off and hit me in the face. I got hit with the spin-plate a lot but I just laughed.

After all that fun we did diabolo. I could get it to spin but I could not through it up and catch it. I got hit on the legs and foot with them, well mine. But over all it was fun.

Super spin sticks, well I was not very good at those. When we were doing the super spin sticks Richie came over to show us how to do the spin on the stick and I could do it for a couple of seconds. I really found them fun Me and Gemma could pass them over to each other for a bit.

We did the super spin sticks first the spin-plates second and the diabolo third. My favourite was spin-plates I really enjoyed them they were fun.That was a bit about you be the star. I give that day a 10 out of 10. 🙂