Highlights of Camp Coonawarra

On Monday the 17th we arrived at Camp Coonawarra certain to have a great time. Our first activity was the flying fox and I thought that was great.


The first activity (for us it was orienteering) was cancelled but we all got out to our second activity, the thrilling Flying Fox! A boy and then a girl from my group went first and they looked like they were having a blast! I thought it looked great, so I went to the back of the line. Two more people went next and they looked like they were having a great time as well. I then went next, hoping it would be as thrilling as it looked. Of course it was! There were about three more goes after me and I decided to have another go but there was sadly not anough time. But others in our group at the start did not want to have a go, because they were scared of heights, but they stood up to their fears and had a go. Of course they were happy and they felt great because they tryed something new and I thought that was great.

On the 18th of June it was Mrs Naismith’s birthday so that is what I chose to write.

Mrs. Naismith’s Birthday!

The next day we got out of bed and we all remebered it was Mrs Naismith’s birthday! We sat down to have breakfast and Mrs. Naismith walked in so we all started singing happy birthday. After we ate our group had duty group but we hardly did any work because we were having photos with our teacher and giving her a few gifts. I have her a metal bookmark with a great picture of a bike, which I thought was a great idea since most people gave her chocolate. Throughout the day we played party games like pass the parcel. Most of the fun surprises were lollipops, mini mazes, and small, coloured notepads of sandals. After all those party games we played archery. Which I thought was one of the best things of the camp. Two people got bullseyes but I got the next best thing, which was the red section near the middle! I was really proud of myself because I couldn’t hit the board a whole year ago.

We all had a great time and I think we all learnt a lot.

Coonawarra Camp

Guess what?

On Monday the 17th to Wednesday the 19th of June, the grades 5T, 5/6N and 6K went on a very exciting camp to Coonawarra! Coonawarra is in a Valley and so because it was raining so heavily all night and all day, it flooded. Because of this we were stuck inside playing games and things instead of doing activities. Though this was still fun.

One of the activities I did get to do was the “Giant Swing.” This is where you are in a harness attached to a big swing and you get pulled up by a rope to the hight you want and then you start swinging. I went to the top.

Another activity we did was horse riding! The horse I rode was named Mag-pie. Mag-pie was a really slow and lazy horse so I had to use a whip. I used this a few times because he was getting left behind. After finishing the track we did, we had to go back to the stable and say good bye to our horse. At this stage I didn’t want to say good bye and I wanted to take Mag-pie home.

One more exciting thing that happened on camp was our teacher Mrs Naismith’s birthday. For her birthday we made a cake, played party games and many more. I think Mrs Naismith had a great day

I had a great time at Coonawarra and would love to go again sometime! Maybe when it is not raining so much.