The Senses Of The City – By Steph

The Senses Of The City

I walked into the city,

with my head held high,

And I saw all the buildings,

up in the blue sky.

I smelt the gas,

coming from all the cars,

I also smelt the flowers,

they were sitting in a vase.

I heard the ringing bells,

at the time of voting,

And I heard the busy workers taking calls,

and they were clearly gloating!

My arms were straining as I picked up the bowling ball,

It was so heavy that it nearly made me fall!

Three days camp in the city,

Now we have to leave, what a pity.


On  Monday  17th  June  2013 ,  6K ,  5T  &  5/6N  went  on  camp  1  to  Coonawarra . First  we  walked  up  to  the  outside  dining  room  and  we  sat  down  onto  the  benches  and  we  had  the  people  who  were  running  the  camp  introduced  themselves  and  they  told  us  what  we  were  going  to  do  and  were  everything  was.  After  that  we  got  settled  into  our  cabins  and  in  my  cabin  was  Erin  ,  Olivia  ,  Steph  ,  Yasmin  &  Rahni  .  We  all  set  out  our  stuff  and  had  a  mess  around  .  We  stayed  in  for  2  days  .  It  was  really  boring  but  we  did  some  activities  .  On  the  last  day  Mr  Kelly’s  group  did  horse riding  at  8:00  in  the  morning  .  We  had  breakfast  then  walked  down  and  we  met  the  manager  called  Anne  .  She  showed  us  how  to  treat  them  .  My  horse  was  called  Puzzle  and  hr  was  a  good  horse  .