Book Show Bag Expo!

On Thursday the 22nd of August, between 2:30 – 4pm the 5/6 area had a Book Show Bag Expo in each of the 5/6 classrooms to display their breathtaking work. Everyone was invited to come and see the students work.

Olivia from 6T left the first comment, “It looks fantastic, I would read this book!”.

The beautiful Rahni said, “Beautiful work Kiah!. You picked a perfect book for the perfect person!. You amazing girl!”.

Both of those students left great comments, that were really appreciated.

My awesome mum stated, “ Your work is outstanding. You should be proud!”.

The Assistant Principal of Berwick Lodge, Mrs Cusack, wrote “Sensational presentation- You must have enjoyed creating this ”show bag”.

Thanks for all of your comments, I am so happy you enjoyed looking at my work!.

As the school day came to an end everyone headed for their classrooms ready to leave as soon as the school bag rang.

I really enjoyed this expo and the best part about it was being able to see everyone’s creative side!

Book Show Bag Expo

On the 22nd of August 2013, all of the grade 5’s and 6’s set up their terrific show bags for the brilliant  Book Show Bag Expo.

Some people commented on my bags work, which made me really proud. Here are some of those comments;

Ewan’s mum, Ellen, stated, “A great variety of work! Love the colourful pictures.”

Someone else said, “Nice work, very creative!”

Lauren from 6T noted, “Your drawings are amazing!”

At the end of the day everyone started to go back to their classes because it was approaching 3:30pm, when the school bell would go. Though some people stayed because the expo was open until 4:00pm. All together everyone got great comments and were thrilled with the work they had made.

Book Show Bag!

These past few weeks my grade has been working on book show bags.

A book show bag is a show bag about a book that is trying to persuade other to read it.

The book I am trying to persuade other to read with my book show bag is Marley a dog like no other by John Grogan.

So far I have successfully completed the front cover, blurb, significant scene and tonight I am going to finish my alternative ending for the book show bag.

You should really check out and read the book Marley a dog like no other by John Grogan and even watch the movie I think you will love it!

Marley a dog like no other is a story about a golden Labrador. They adopt him when he is eight weeks old and he is tiny.He is a very joyful, cheeky and naughty dog/puppy. At the end of the story he gets put down because his stomach had twisted and he was in pain.

Book Show Bag

This term we have been given a project to do about our books.We could of done it with the book we are reading or a book that we have read.The book that I doing for Book Show Bag is “The Finals.”The authors names are  Deborah Abela and Johnny Warren”.The book is about soccer so I really recommend for students who like soccer to read the book. The book also has some tips about soccer. All together we need to do 9 or 10 activities but this term we only needed to do 4. I chose to do a front cover,  a different blurb, a  dictionary of at least 10 words and their meanings and a wordsearch and I have finished all of them.I am really proud of my effort and my work. I have really enjoyed doing this project and I recommend other teachers to do this project with their students.