Book Show Bag Expo

 Book Show Bag Expo


 On Thursday 22nd August 2013, the 5/6 area of B.L.P.S had a   Book Show Bag Expo, we were allowed to invite all friends and  family.


I invited my dad and Shannon, they had a look at everyone’s work, my dad had stated, “Gangster Granny seems like a really fun book, after seeing your introductions to the character I would certainly want to read it”!


After everyone looked around we all came back at 3:14 to sit at our tables and hope that people would write a comment.

Miss Craig (the sport teacher) commented and said, “ I loved your front cover Blaise”!


Also Nihaal (a student in 5/6N) said, “Loved your front cover Blaise”!


I really loved just looking at other peoples work, especially Abbey’s, Amie’s and Jake’s.


At the end of the day the bell rang and some kids went home happily and proud with their amazing work with their parents, some people stayed a little bit longer to look at other people’s work without the chaos.


After all I think it was a really good day, I think we’re all proud of our work and I recommend it to carry on.

book show bag expo

Book show bag expo

On the 22nd of august (22/08/2013) the grade 5/6 of Berwick lodge primary school, had an expo of their book show bag work. Some students had invited other students from all throughout the school and some parents to come. Focusing on Ayden, Ayden from room 21(5/6n) has chosen for his book show bag, the golden door. He managed to convince one person to read the book. Her name was Cathy and she said, “the book sounds exiting!” and it is! Somebody commented, “love the picture on your book show bag, great work”. But who is still unknown. Miss rap stated, “excellent work Ayden, I love your front cover”. Everyone had an excellent day                                                     

Book Show Bag Expo By Rahni

On the 22nd August, it was a marvellous day for a Book Show Bag Expo. All of the rooms were filled with the amazing sound of excited children!


All the students of 5/6N, lined their show bag neatly around the room. I was very IMPRESSED by how many children walked in and out amazed by everyone’s fantastic work.


Cathy Erdman ( my mother) proudly commented, “Absolutely fabulous! I love the illustrations and all the detail. 10/10!”


Helen Coutts also expressed how much she loved all the work, “ I really enjoyed Rahni’s dictionary and I enjoyed her alternative ending!”


More people came in and out and it became so crowded, that moving your shoulder would nudge someone! But still you could look at everyone’s fantastic work!


Even Miss Rapinett a teacher at Berwick Lodge P.S, was leaving statements on other students work! She especially enjoyed this one, “Excellent work Rahni, I’m very proud of you!” She also left a smiley face.


The day was coming nearer and nearer to 3:30pm which was the time all the children leave for home! The bell came and everyone rushed out the door for home time, what a perfect ending, for a perfect day.

But overall I liked seeing all of my friends work!

Book Show Bag Expo

On the 22nd of August, we had a book show bag expo, that displayed everyone’s work in the grade 5/6 area, that they have been working extremely hard, they are fantastic book show bags. The idea was to inspire people to read the book you chose.

Nihaal from 5/6N commented, “ Great work nice choice of colours.”

Kiah also stated, “ Amazing work Jake I love it!”

Miss Tan with her crazy hand-writing commented, “Awesome front cover, you are a killer artist!

There was a lot of great art work but unfortunately it was coming up to 3:30pm so everyone returned to their classrooms and said good afternoon to their teachers and went home proud of themselves in what they have done.

Book Show Bag Expo

On the 22/8/13 all of the grade fives and sixes had a Book Show Bag Expo. We went around and had a look at other peoples show bag, writing comments about their work.

Rahni commented, “Beautiful Work Nihaal! I love how you made birth certificates! Fantastic Work”.


Miss Tan stated, “Awesome Work Nihaal! Beautiful front cover.

Caity from 6K commented, “I loved your colours you have chosen for your show bag”!

Tarah from 5T said, “I love your character cards they are outstanding, really good!


It was all most 3:30 pm and we were all happy about the comments we got. Some lovely mums came in and looked at our work. Then the bell went, we all packed up very quickly. We went home felling very proud.

Bag Show Bag

On Thursday the 22nd of August, the grade 5/6’s had Book Show Bag expo. It was held at Berwick Lodge Primary School. All our friends and family came.

Rahni from 5/6N, commented”Fantastic work Shenae. I loved your Significant scene. I have read your book and I loved it! Well done.”

Bryanna from 6T said, “This looks great. I love your drawing they are good to.”

Miss Bowden stated,” Amazing, loved the idea of the passport!”

After looking at all the amazing work from all the other grades we slowly walked back to our class. At 3:30pm, we were waiting patiently for the bell to ring, ready to go home. We had fun showing our work and we are all proud of our work.

Book Show Bag Expo!

On Thursday the 22nd of August, between 2:30 – 4pm the 5/6 area had a Book Show Bag Expo in each of the 5/6 classrooms to display their breathtaking work. Everyone was invited to come and see the students work.

Olivia from 6T left the first comment, “It looks fantastic, I would read this book!”.

The beautiful Rahni said, “Beautiful work Kiah!. You picked a perfect book for the perfect person!. You amazing girl!”.

Both of those students left great comments, that were really appreciated.

My awesome mum stated, “ Your work is outstanding. You should be proud!”.

The Assistant Principal of Berwick Lodge, Mrs Cusack, wrote “Sensational presentation- You must have enjoyed creating this ”show bag”.

Thanks for all of your comments, I am so happy you enjoyed looking at my work!.

As the school day came to an end everyone headed for their classrooms ready to leave as soon as the school bag rang.

I really enjoyed this expo and the best part about it was being able to see everyone’s creative side!