Asian Expo

On Tuesday the 1st of April the grade 5/6’s had and Asian expo from 2pm to 3pm. 6M and 6N were both doing India as their Asian country so we both worked together to make things easier. This means in our groups we would get a mix of 6N and 6M people in our group.  I worked in a group of 5 including Max, Jeremy, Flynn and  from 6N and Michelle from 6M. Our group was studying food. On the day we offered Indian food to the adults. We also put our poster and recipe book on display for people to look at.

During the 4 weeks of preparation for the Asian Expo I learnt a lot about Indian food.  One of the things that I learnt was that the southern and northern regions of India have different types of foods. Southerners use a lot of spices and the northerners are more rural. Indians use curry like a gravy and curry is a very important food in India. I really enjoyed learning about Indian food as India has a lot of traditional food and it was very interesting.