Harmony Day

On Friday the 21st of March it was Harmony Day. Our school wore orange to celebrate Harmony Day. In the morning at  9:30 the whole school sat around the basketball courts with their buddies. First we started off with one dance the students made up. When the dances were going, it started to rain , then we saw lighting and then you heard the thunder.We had to stop the dances and go straight back to our classrooms, but we went to our buddy class.With our buddies we made little people and dressed them and then we made paper chains. Over all it was a very good day apart from the thunder, lighting and the rain.

Bag Show Bag

On Thursday the 22nd of August, the grade 5/6’s had Book Show Bag expo. It was held at Berwick Lodge Primary School. All our friends and family came.

Rahni from 5/6N, commented”Fantastic work Shenae. I loved your Significant scene. I have read your book and I loved it! Well done.”

Bryanna from 6T said, “This looks great. I love your drawing they are good to.”

Miss Bowden stated,” Amazing, loved the idea of the passport!”

After looking at all the amazing work from all the other grades we slowly walked back to our class. At 3:30pm, we were waiting patiently for the bell to ring, ready to go home. We had fun showing our work and we are all proud of our work.

Opaque By Shenae

What is opaque? Opaque is where you can’t see anything thourgh it. For open night , Nihaal and I did an experiment. The experiment was, ‘ An opaque’. For the experiment, we made a card game. We used coloured  paper and a torch.We put the torch down on the table and the paper and we didn’t see the light thourgh the paper. If you can’t see an object it’s opaque.

You Be The Star By Shenae

On Tuesday 12th of February we had the circus come our school. We used the spin plates, spin sticks and the diabolos. Richy and Lindsay chose some people to be in the act.I got chosen to be in in the act. I was the ringmaster.I had to ride a little green bike that was very small.I had so much fun riding the little green bike and being the ringmaster of the show.I was so exited to be the ring master of the show. My favourite thing was spin sticks because Gemma and I were good at it. It was amazing!!!