tusday 22nd october 2013, police lerning.

Tuesday 22nd October 2013, a police detective came to the after school care building. It was very similar to a video game, such as looking for clues, like the gun on the ground, blood/ sauce and footprints. The man talked about what would happen if someone got shot. He said it was ‘Joe’ so the detective asked Joe if he did it. The detectives would then compare shoes and the gun. I knew some of the things all ready, but it was great! (Even the rain stopped in the middle)
It was fun to know what a police detective does!

Book Show Bag Expo

Book Show Bag Expo

On 22nd of August 2013, it was Book Show Bag Expo for the grades 5’s and 6’s.

People commented on other people’s work.

My show bag was about Skylanders Spyro Adventure and the Machine of DOOM.
Cayleb from 5/6N commented, “I really like everything you’ve done with it.”

And my Mum said, “You have done a great job Max keep up the great work.”

And Eric from 5T wrote, “Very interesting, I love it.”

Cayleb’s Mum wrote, “I loved it Max, you did a brilliant job.”

Lachlan  from 5T commented, “Very good Max very excellent.”

Everyone was excited about the Book Show Bag.

But I left sometime in between 3:00 or 3:10pm so I don’t know what happen when I left.

And I have about 20 people who wrote comments for me about my show bag.

To be a star! By Max K

On  Tuesday grade 5/6N went to do circus activities.

We did sticks and plates and diablo.

My group did sticks 1st then plates 2sc then 3th diablo.

That day I was too sleepy so I was a bit angry.

And I also forgot.

But it had a show and it was great.