Grade 6 Berwick College Visit

On the 5th of June 2014, 21 Berwick Lodge grade 21 students went to Berwick College for a transition day. This experience was for us to see what High school would be like in 2015.  At 1.00 pm Mr Dobell (Vice Principal) took us in his Minivan to Berwick College after we had finished our lunch.


Once we got there, we went through the office to the staff room and we waited there for about 5-10 mins. Then Mrs Kenning took us to one of the maths rooms where we would be doing our activity. In maths, we learnt about sphinx’s.


Our task was to make a sphinx with 4 little sphinx’s. Then each time we made our sphinx’s bigger, we would calculate what size is it and how much bigger than size 1 it was. You could figure out what size it was, by how many sphinx’s it had on the bottom and to work out  how much it was bigger than 1, you just multiply it by 4.


After we finished this task, we would have to go through what number would be to the power of 2, e.g if the answer was 36 , you would have to write 6 to the power of 2.

After our math class learning about sphinx, Mr Dobell took us back in his minivan back to school just before we were dismissed to go home . That was our wonderful time at Berwick College. I am  really excited about going to Secondary School in 2015.