India/Asia Expo

A couple of weeks ago we started to work on our India/Asia expo. Our grade 6N combined with 6M and we worked together. We were put into groups of 3-6 people in one group with a topic. In my group I had Dawn, Deegan , Ewan and I and our topic was Tourism. The first week or two we did some reasearch about India and in the last couple of weeks we worked on the posters, powerpoints and printing off all the information. When the day arrived I was very excited but not excited at the same time, because I was not going to the expo because I was not at school on that day Tuesday the 1st of April , I was going to a state hockey trial known as SSV. I don’t know how the expo went but im guessing everyone presented the work neatly and correctly and people loved it.

Harmony Day

On the Friday the 21st of March when the sun was shinning  we celebrated Harmony Day. The whole school were asked to wear traditional clothes or wear orange. In the morning the whole school went out onto the basketball courts to have a parade. It started off by having a couple of kids from one class to go into the center of the basketball courts and do some dances. The dances were great! but by the end of the first dance of course…it started raining it wasnt pooring down but it was dripping and there were a few lightning strikes. After that dance we had another dance and that is when the rain started getting heavier, when the dance finished and everyone was applauding and the thunder was roaring Mrs Cusack asked for everyone to walk back to there classes. My grade went back to our prep grade when we got to our prep class we did some activities to recess. Before I  finish this post i would just like to say when we entered our prep class 5 minutes after of course…. the sun came back out.