Book Show Bag Expo

Book Show Bag Expo

On the 22nd August, Berwick Lodge Primary school had an expo. Grade 5/6 students made Book Show Bags. They would set them up on their tables to display them for everyone to see. Everybody would arrive at 2:30 pm and leave at 3:30 pm. When they arrived, they would walk around and write comments about other people’s Book Show Bags.

Jude from 5G commented, “the picture looks great! I want to read the book.”

Rahni from 5/6 N commented, “Fantastic work Amy, I love your dictionary!”

Jackson.H from 6T stated that, “This is awesome! I like what you did.”

It was a great day! I was so impressed with a lot of peoples Book Show Bags. The bell was about to go. While I was waiting, I was next door looking at 6M’s Book Show Bags and all the great work they have done. When the bell went , I was waiting for the teacher to dismiss us, when she did, I went home feeling proud about my Book Show Bag.

Tropical Forest

The Tropical Forest

The collage I’m working on is a tropical forest. The tropical forest is a place  where there are lots of trees and is also very humid. This tropical forest is in Australia.

The tropical forest’s environment is being destroyed. People have chopped down trees for paper and wood. People start building on this environment and have started littering everywhere. Animals will have nowhere to live and there would be no more plants. This is not a healthy environment for the tropical forest.


A few days ago, everyone had to get into a group of 2 or 3 and pick a science topic for open night. Rahni, Gemma and I were all in a group. Our topic for refraction. This is some information about what refraction is. We can see the refraction happening if we put a pencil in a glass of water .The pencil appears to have an unusual shape as the light rays have “bent”. Light can be refracted through an object. Rahni, Gemma and I are doing the pencil in the glass of water for open night. So Rahni. Gemma and I went to get a glass of water and a pencil. Mrs Webber got us a jug of flowers in it and it was refracted, so we used that too.