Digital Citizenship

I have signed up for some programs, like Edmodo, and I have made sure I did not give away any personal information like my password or my date of birth. On some websites you can have an option of giving that information. I always look in my emails to see if anyone has written in that I either do not know or are not writing nice things about me or anything. I will always block them so they cannot write to me again, aswell as deleting that email. I would never write anything bad to anyone and I would never write to anyone I don’t know. I recommend you also block them, for your safety.

Thankyou for reading my post and I hope it helps you keep safe on the internet.

10 Of My Favourite Things!

Student Blogging Challenge 8

This is challenge 8 where I had to list 10 of my favourite things…….






One Direction
















Selena Gomez






The Beach

Taylor Swift


I also like:

Marley A dog like no other the book by John Grogan


The pools

My Friends and Family


Little Mix

Monte Carlo Starring Selena Gomez