Science Open Night!

On 22nd of May we had our Open Night here at Berwick Lodge Primary School as we we’re getting ready to show our families and friends our work that we have done and completed since term 1 but the main thing that our class wanted to show off was science.We each got put into different groups and the people in my group were Suvi, Jake and I. Jake was away but Suvi and I still did our book about electricity. Suvi’s part was explaining why humans use electricity and my part was what is electricity. After all that we designed our book for Open Night but even though I didn’t go I herd it was fun


My Science Experiment

 The grade 6’s in 5/6N were studying electricity, while the grade 5’s were studying light. For our science experiment, Mrs Naismith moved us into groups. In mine there were, Hayden, Nathan and myself. Our group could choose any type of electricity for our experiment. Hayden and I looked for an experiment to make. We decided to make a maze with these pieces of equipment:


2 sheets of foil

1 square piece of coloured paper (on our maze we used orange)

1 piece of cardboard (the same size as the paper. You can always slice it up)

3 lines of wire

1 light bulb

1 battery

1 piece of contact

1 stanley knife

We made the foil the path of the maze, while the coloured paper made the whole maze stand out. Here is the information I typed up in my own words:

Insulators and Conductors

Our body is a conductor, especially when we are wet. That is why we never touch electrical appliances while wet. A conductor allows electricity to pass through. We use conductors to move electricity from one place to another. We use insulators to stop electricity reaching dangerous places. Electricians wear rubber boots to prevent getting electric shocks from wires. Metal wires conducting electricity are insulated with either rubber or plastic to make it safe from electric shocks.

Why it Works

The aluminium foil conducts electricity, and makes the maze able to be completed. The bulb glows , only while the nail is not touching the plastic inside. The reason is because plastic is an insulator. A conductor must contain charged particles that can move around. These electrons pass on the current. These electrons in plastic cannot move around. Therefore plastic is not a conductor.




Opaque By Shenae

What is opaque? Opaque is where you can’t see anything thourgh it. For open night , Nihaal and I did an experiment. The experiment was, ‘ An opaque’. For the experiment, we made a card game. We used coloured  paper and a torch.We put the torch down on the table and the paper and we didn’t see the light thourgh the paper. If you can’t see an object it’s opaque.