Book Show Bag Expo By Rahni

On the 22nd August, it was a marvellous day for a Book Show Bag Expo. All of the rooms were filled with the amazing sound of excited children!


All the students of 5/6N, lined their show bag neatly around the room. I was very IMPRESSED by how many children walked in and out amazed by everyone’s fantastic work.


Cathy Erdman ( my mother) proudly commented, “Absolutely fabulous! I love the illustrations and all the detail. 10/10!”


Helen Coutts also expressed how much she loved all the work, “ I really enjoyed Rahni’s dictionary and I enjoyed her alternative ending!”


More people came in and out and it became so crowded, that moving your shoulder would nudge someone! But still you could look at everyone’s fantastic work!


Even Miss Rapinett a teacher at Berwick Lodge P.S, was leaving statements on other students work! She especially enjoyed this one, “Excellent work Rahni, I’m very proud of you!” She also left a smiley face.


The day was coming nearer and nearer to 3:30pm which was the time all the children leave for home! The bell came and everyone rushed out the door for home time, what a perfect ending, for a perfect day.

But overall I liked seeing all of my friends work!

Book Show Bag Expo


The 22nd of August 2013 was the day the 5/6 area showed of their wonderful book show bags.
The afternoon started with very excited students ready to display all the hard work they had completed over the past few weeks. The students displayed their work at their tables and provided a feedback comment sheet for people to write on. One of the comments written on my feedback sheet said, “Brodie you are so creative! I love how you can do all that and so much more! You’re crazy kid!” This was written by Rahni!
All of the children really enjoyed the expo. Some left their tables to go and comment on other’s work. They would say wonderful comments like, “Fantastic work Brodie you put a lot of work into your show bag!” stated a friendly person. However others left their names and left lovely comments like Miss Bowden who left, “great board game Brodie!”
The afternoon went quickly and the noise and hype suggested everyone had really enjoyed themselves. I think that the 5/6 area should do this every year because it’s good for all the students to have to remember what they have read.
Soon it was home time and the students proudly left their classroom and went home ready for the next day. “Overall it certainly was a very successful Book Show Bag Expo”, commented our class teacher Mrs Naismith.

Book Week Dress Up Day

On Friday the 24th of August, everybody was invited to dress up as their favourite book character to celebrate Book Week. I dressed up as the Cat in the Hat written by Dr. Seuss. Everybody looked amazing! Later in the afternoon, we got to visit our prep buddies. We got to read them our favourite picture story book to them and then we got to listen them to read their favourite book. My buddy, Holly, was dressed up as Lola from the Charlie and Lola book series.  My buddy wanted me to read both of the books so we began to read our books. My buddy loved her story about Charlie making Lola imagining that tomatoes and other foods that she didn’t like other things like unicorns, green grass and bouncy balls. It was quite a good story. We didn’t have time to have a listen to the Cat in the Hat but throughout the day, I had lots of fun! Especially reading Holly’s favourite book to her.


Book Week 2012

Many of Grade 6N dressed up to celebrate 2012 Book Week today. There was Willy Wonka, Hermione, Cat in the Hat, Little Red Riding Hood and the Queen of Hearts. We even had the Guinness Book of Records World Record Holder for the day!  Congratulations to everyone who participated in the fun day.