Hello blog readers,

Hey guess what we have started a new specialist this term and it is…………………………..


In robotics we get to do all sorts of stuff with little robots, these robots are HI-TECH!

The robots can be programed to do different movements.

You program the robots on a special computer program and then you have to attach the USB from the computer into the robot, this action then downloads into your robots brain (computer robot brain).

Once the action has downloaded into the robots brain you press the “RUN” button on the robot then it goes!

I really like going to robotics because I learn how to do something different every time!









Writing Project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


At school last week, our class teacher Mrs Naismith told us that our grade would be starting a writing project.

So far in this writing project our grade has already completed the first task which is letter writing.

Tomorrow we are starting a second task which will be procedural writing, I have been looking forward to this one!

So far I have really enjoyed the writing project because I like writing and I like decorating and these 2 things that I enjoy are included in this project.


I will keep you informed on this project in the weeks to come.


If you have any questions about this project you can write a comment below my post.

5/6N need to get writing! : )


( image from Wikimedia)


Bimbo & Topsy!


On Monday the 9th of September I finnished my book which was called Clementine Rose And The Pet Day Disaster.

So there for I needed another book to read at school.

So yesterday I started my mum’s 39-40 year old book which is called Bimbo & Topsy.

I really like this book because it is about a cat named Bimbo and a puppy-dog called Topsy and in the story they become best friends who are double trouble!

They get up to all sorts of mischeif in the story.

I am really enjoying the first story/chapter and I have still got 19 more chapters to go.



Kinder Books!


Yesterday the 10th of september, while I was in LEEP my grade started on the rough copy for the kinder books that we are making.

Now this is how it works:

What we have to do is make a short picture story book to give to the kindy kids at Mansfield ST Kinder – garden next Thursday.

All of grade 5/6N will be making one of their own books, so far the ideas I have come up with for my picture story book are really good and I think the kindy kids will like it alot.

I really like this idea and I think the kindy kids will love the books once they get them.


Book Show Bag Expo!

The Book Show Bag Expo!

Yesterday the 22nd of August, it was an exciting afternoon for everyone at Berwick Lodge P.S (as well as some visiting parents), because the Book Show Bag expo had finally come!

The grade fives and sixes had their display all set up and ready to go.

When the clock showed that it was 2:30pm all the classes and parents started to flow in like a raging river!, to have a look at the fantastic work.

Some of the comments on my work were:

From Subhashini, “Awesome display and interesting work. It seems like a good book!”

This comment from Amie, “You are so creative with your work Abbey! I love it!”

Lastly this comment from Miss Bowden, “Amazing work you should be very proud.”

After all the comments and the people coming in and out of the classroom to see the work, the busy afternoon came to a close.

Oh and if you came to this great expo, on behalf of myself and the school, thank you for coming and we hope you enjoyed! By Abbey!

New, new, new!

A few days ago in our class a new trainee teacher has come to stay in our class for I think about 2 weeks to learn off our teacher. Her name is Miss Bowden and she is really nice and today she took Meryn, Brooke, Amie and I into the back room to play a maths game it was a tricky game because it was weird how the numbers either added up or went down.

Any way I like Miss Bowden.

The next new thing we have started is in library and the thing is:

We are making collage’s on our enviroment and we have to do it with a partner, my partner is Amie.

The design we have drawn of it so far is really good but I am not saying what we are doing because that would just give it away and Amie and I want it to be a surprise for everyone.

Anyway there are lots of things going on that are new to us this week so I am going to take the chance and enjoy them.





Living and Non living!

Yesterday the 24th of July while we were in class we learnt about living and non living things.

Some of the things we summurised for living things were:

Animals, humans and plants (they are the main living things.)

Some of the things we summurised for non living things were:

Buildings, books, posters, computers, ipods and I could go on and on forever.

The reason we did these things were because we wanted to figure out what living things need to survive and function which is part of our topic in school this term which is Sustainability which also comes in to the enviroment.

So I learnt a few things in that lesson, which might help me when I am older.

P.S I like learning this topic!



Letter Writing!

Hello again,

I am writing a new post to you about a letter that I wrote when I was in Mr Kelly’s grade for around about 2 hours.

What I did while I was there was many things but one of the things that I did that stood out for me was……
Writing a letter for my buddy and making an envelope for the letter to go in.

I thought the letter that I wrote for my buddy was really nice, I gave her advice on what skills she could use in grade one when different occasions happen for her and hopefully if she is caught out in one of these occasions that these skills work for her.

I wrote this letter in my best hand writing and I also drew a lovely picture on the front of the envelope that I made.

I hope when she is in grade one next year that she enjoys reading the letter I wrote for her.



Book Show Bag!

Hello everyone,

Here is an update on what we are doing in class.

We are doing……………………………………….

A wonderful BOOK SHOW BAG!

It is great fun to do.

This is how it works:

I had to choose a book to focus on and the book I chose is called “Dog Tales”, you also get given a brown paper bag which is used for the show bag of course but you have tasks to complete to make every thing look great and “fancy dancy”.

We get given compulsory tasks and optional tasks and here are the compulsory tasks that I have done so far:


Word Search

Front Cover


Significant Scene

Alternative Ending

Those are the 6 tasks out of seven tasks I have done for compulsory tasks, and it sounds like to me that I don’t have to do any work on the holidays because I am a bit to far ahead, but that is because I love to do this and I want to do it all the time!

Also I have done 1 optional task out of many and it is:

Information on the author.

And my author is Emily Rodda.

I am not sure if you have heard of Emily Rodda but she has written many children’s novels.

Anyway my book show bag is coming along very nicely and I will give you an update on how it is going later, as my teacher Mrs Naismith says this will be a living post, which means this post will go for a while most likely until after I have finnished my book show bag and done my presentation.







Hi blog readers, grade 5/6N, 6K and 5T all went some where very exiting!

We went on a camp for 2 nights and 3 days to Coonawarra Farm Camp Resort!

We got there and the weather was not great, it was raining quite heavily.

But that did not stop us that’s for sure!

For the first day we got to know the people that worked on the camp and later on in that day we did one activity, my activity was the “Giant Swing”.

I went to the top!

The next day it was still raining so we did inside activities and plus it was my teacher Mrs Naismith’s birthday.

I am sure she had a great day!

Then on the final day the bad weather had cleared up so I got to go horse riding (other people went horse riding to),

The horse I rode was named Mag-Pie, he was a beutiful colour and he was very lovely, he was the perfect size horse for me, he was not to high and he was not to low.

With the horses we all went round a track and because Mag-Pie was a slow horse I had to have a whip and I used that whip when the instructor told me that Mag-Pie needed to go a bit faster.

I thought that the horse riding was the best activitie I did on camp.

I wish I could bring Mag-Pie home with me!

After the horse riding I went canoeing then everyone hopped on the bus and we drove back to school!

That was my camp!