Ethan’s Adventure Story

I was running through the woods, the witch getting nearer and nearer by the second. With the wind and rain whipping my face, I untied the silver chain from my waist and threw it behind, hoping to bind the witch. Silver is very effective against a witch and can be used to bind one. I looked over my shoulder, and to my dismay, it had fallen well short of it’s mark. I couldn’t go back and get it so I had to use my staff for defence. Just then I was thrown off balance and knocked to the ground. The witch laughed and said”c’mon Ethan, let’s go and have supper with each other.” “Okay, Alice.”I groaned. Another defeat against a girl! I was determined not to let it happen tomorrow night.

I didn’t have much of an appetite so I only ate a little and complimented my master’s pet boggart and sat by the fire. I stared disappointedly into the flickering flames. Alice crept into the room and sat by my side. “Something is bothering you, I can tell.”she said softly. I didn’t want to believe her but something was. My master had been gone for days and I was starting to get quite worried. Then I heard the sound of a bell.”Well, I better go check it out.”I told her calmly.”Be safe.”she called after me.

I walked outside and greeted the man that was ringing the bell. But suddenly, as I was about to shake his hand, talons sprouted out of his fingers and he ran at me. It was now an all out battle between me and whatever it was. I was frantically parrying blow after blow from the talons with my staff but I then got the upper hand and forced it back against a tree. I then did a move that my master taught me recently. I quickly transferred my staff to my right hand and threw it as hard as I could at the thing. The retractable blade went through it’s shoulder and pinned it to the tree. I was about to turn and run when he pulled a knife from it’s sheath and threw it straight at my head. I couldn’t move anywhere  because the knife was moving to fast. I thought it was the end. What I did then wasn’t done consciously. I watched the knife spinning towards me and concentrated really hard. Time seemed to slow as I reached upwards and gripped the wooden handle of the knife. I threw it straight back at the thing and it planted itself in the thing’s chest with a sickening thud. There was a small yelp and it died. I turned my back and jogged back to the safety of the house. Wait until my master hears about this!

Thanks to Joseph Delaney for the fantastic idea!

Science Reports

On Thursday the 12th of May, 6N made slime out of 3 ingredients: cornflour, water and green food colouring. It was a pretty messy experiment but it gave us a bit more knowledge about solids and liquids and the way the different mollecules react with each  other. Mrs Naismith told us that there were two ways that it changed and that we had to figure out the active ingredients for each change. She then told us that we were going to write a science report and include a diagram with it.