Caleb’s Adventure Story

It was just an ordinary day when my friends and I were playing in the park when we noticed something different in the distance. We went over to investigate, we had found a row of large hedges, or that was what we thought. We kept walking further and found that it was more than just a row of them it was huge it kept going for miles. We decided to stay together because when people split up in movies someone always dies or something like that.
In the first few minutes we thought we were being followed so we kept watch, then we saw something very closely we watched then out of nowhere jumped out a giant spider, I suddenly felt something heavy in my hand I looked down and a sword appeared. I thought for a couple seconds should I run or should I try kill it after a short deliberation I decided that I would stay and try kill the spider. I had never realised how hard it was to kill a spider, I mean you couldn’t just squash this one. I slashed, Jabbed and fought with all my might then it faulted and I took my advantage and stabbed it in the back, it groaned then finally it lay dead. My friends were huddled together in fear, then as they heard the spider stop they looked up then saw me standing there. “Caleb how did you kill that beast?” said Ethan “It faulted and I took my advantage it was just my luck.” I said “Now come on let’s get out of here.”
As we tried to get out of there we found that the path had changed we had come to the thought that the hedges keep growing by the second. We kept trying to find where we got in to this mess but when we kept looking we just went further and further away. “How do we get out of here?” said Jake “Let’s just keep looking and hope we find our way out.” I said. By now we had been searching for hours and it was almost night, we could see the sun going down in the distance. We finally came to a conclusion to stop looking and just camp here for the night. “OK we’ve agreed to stay here the night so someone has to take watch just in case more creatures come for us.” I said “OK then I’ll take first watch.” said Jake. As night fell we could hear noises in the distance which definitely weren’t human. It had been 4 hours and Jake had woke Ethan to take the second watch. It was a bright night with the moon full, noises around breaking the silence every few minutes. It was now that Ethan woke me for my watch at 3:00 in the morning, it was now starting to become brighter in the surroundings. A couple minutes in to my shift I could see something in the distance coming towards me not walking but floating somehow on an object, I looked much closer and I realised that it was a broomstick and I thought it may be a witch because that superstition may be true.
As this supposed witch came closer she starting shooting this magical death ray type stuff, I ran over to wake Ethan and Jake, as they started to wake they noticed what was going on and hurried to their feet. They started to throw rocks at this witch. It was hopeless she just deflected them with her magic. I ran at her and with all my strength I struck her with the sword and she fell off her broom dead. “That was a close one.” said Ethan
The next day we had found the exit and got out of the maze safely and as we got out we turned around and the maze was gone. “Where did it go.” Said Jake “I don’t know but I’m glad it’s gone.” I said

Catch Me If You Can

In the grade 5/6 area we are doing a subject about Forensic Science. During this term the classes are going to have different Science experiments in their classrooms and even have some Forensic Scientists come and visit. We are going to try and solve a crime that has occured at our school, this crime is the robbery of some Collingwood Football Club Premiership Memorabilia that is owned by the school Principal Mr Grossek, this is very serious crime if you understand Mr Grossek’s crave for the Collingwood Football Club.

6N Circus Photos

On Tuesday the 15th of March the circus came to Berwick Lodge and these are some of the photos that the teachers took on the day.