My Showbag

What are you most proud of:

Im am most proud of my significant scene page page although I am happy with everything because I think I put allot of effort into the whole thing.

How where your organisation skills:

I think my organisation skills were great but I could improve them by far. I found that sometimes when I nedeed to complete homework I didn’t have the things  that I needed because I left them at school.

Did you like or dislike this activity and why:

I really liked this activity because it was like a hands on book report and was allot of fun.Overall I was proud of my efforts and would recommend it for the classes of next year.

Shannon’s Adventure Story

Once there was a boy named Shannon and his best friends Ryley, Gussy, Jaime, Trussy and Brodie. He liked to hang out with them all a lot. One day they were all at Gussy’s house playing playstation 3.

“Hey guys this isn’t fair give me a shot” said Brodie.

“No Brodie I said after we finish the mission” said Gussy

“but you’ve tried 500 times it isn’t fair”. Gussy said

Brodie and Gussy were fighting over the remote for about 5 minutes when Brodie knocked the class of coke all over the PlayStation.

“Oh nice one you owe me a new playstation”said Gussy angrily “and a new Call of Duty Black Ops game”

“Ah guys you might want to take a look at this” I said in a frightened way

“Oh what now,  whoa”

The playstation was sparking and before we knew it we were zapped into the game.


“Whoa, were are we I said nervously”

“It looks like WERE IN THE GAME” Ryley said

“And were is Angus and Brodie” Trussy said

“Either they didn’t get zapped in or there in a different place” I said

Are any of you guys focusing on whats going on and what has happened to us were in the hardest level of the game” said Ryley

“OH OH here  they come”