Highlights of 2012 6N

This year has been fantastic. My favourite part of the year was definately winning soccer at lightning prem in term 2. Even though I didn’t score doesn’t mean that I didn’t play well. The whole team played great games. We finished first overall being undefeated. Struan had the best shot of the day. He shot from almost halfway and it slammed into and rattled the post! I was also proud when the LEEP Debate Team won the International debate. I have enjoyed doing science experiments, lightning prem in term 4, divisional soccer and playing soccer and footy at recess and lunch. Overall I will miss Primary School and I hope to have great year in year 7.

Making A Neuron (Nerve Cell)

Today the 30th August 2012, we made a Neuron. To make a Neuron you need an a coloured A4 piece of paper, a coloured patty pan, 4 cotton balls, 9 beads and a black pipe cleaner. Neurons help transmit messages to the brain. Neurons are made up of an Axon, Axon Ending, Dendrites, Myelin Sheath, Cell Body and the Nucleus.