Planet Ark Day

On the 24th of July 2015 Australia had a special National Planet Ark Day the day was about Trees and a no littering and no wrappers day it is also a day of treating our nature/trees and other native plants with respect. Planet Ark Day is sponsored by Toyota and one of the Victorian schools, B.L.P.S were very happy with their supplies they got from Bunnings it was spectacular they got plants and dirt along with some milk cartons and the grade preps,1,2,3,and 4s got seedlings and the 5/6s got fully grown plants.


B.L.P.S have a new project to work on for their school , the grade 6’s,   preferably 6N made their very own pots with milk cartons and paddle pop stick’s the paddle pop sticks held well with the PVA glue stuck to the pots B.L.P.S was very happy with the kids making their own milk carton pots.

Thank you Bunnings

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