Planet Ark Day

On the 24th of July, it was National Planet Ark Day! We were celebrating the event at school. The first thing we did to celebrate was make little pots to later on plant some flowers.  We made these pots out of half a milk carton. Once we had made them, we all stuck on some colourful icy pole sticks with PVA glue, so then we had to wait for the glue to dry before we could do anything else.

So in the middle session, our class went to go and see our buddies in Prep T, and helped them with sticking the icy pole sticks onto their milk cartons. It was a challenge as they had already planted their plants. At the end, the room was a mess! Glue was all over the tables! Sadly I didn’t get to stay until the very end to eat lunch with my buddy as I had a divisional netball competition to attend with Amber, Summah and Brodie ( from 6N). We won 45-0!

Anyway, while we were away, our grade planted our seeds in our milk cartons. Overall I had a great day! 🙂

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