Angus’s CYC City Camp Poem…


The Senses of The City:


The City of Melbourne,


The sculptures on herring island as the river cruise goes forth,


The beating of wind on my face as the grade sixes tramp north,


The horrific smell of smoke as I tram around King St,


Sounds from alarms in buildings as fear strikes peoples feet,


Buildings different shapes and sizes all around it’s busy,


the City of Melbourne.



The Senses Of The City – By Steph

The Senses Of The City

I walked into the city,

with my head held high,

And I saw all the buildings,

up in the blue sky.

I smelt the gas,

coming from all the cars,

I also smelt the flowers,

they were sitting in a vase.

I heard the ringing bells,

at the time of voting,

And I heard the busy workers taking calls,

and they were clearly gloating!

My arms were straining as I picked up the bowling ball,

It was so heavy that it nearly made me fall!

Three days camp in the city,

Now we have to leave, what a pity.