Asian Expo

On the 1st of April we had an Asian expo, were the grade 5 to 6 classes set up stalls around the grades and presented a section like the language or the government. The grade 5’s did Singapore and the 6’s did India. I learnt about the language and pronunciations of the Indian words, with Aleece Steph and Haley . “very good presentation of work”.  said Ethan’s mum, Clare. my group and i had set up a single table which consisted of a heading of the Indian language, two sheets which told you how to count to ten in Hindi (which is the main language of India), a poster with facts and a chart with the different languages used in Indi, maps of where the different languages are used for people to take and little booklets to read and learn how to speak Hindi.  “thank you for teaching me how to speak Hindi”. said abby, we had little booklets to start conversations and speak to each other.

I had a really good time teaching people about how to speak Hindi and telling them facts about the language, but overall the expo went really well.


Asian Expo

On Tuesday the 1st of April the grade 5/6’s had and Asian expo from 2pm to 3pm. 6M and 6N were both doing India as their Asian country so we both worked together to make things easier. This means in our groups we would get a mix of 6N and 6M people in our group.  I worked in a group of 5 including Max, Jeremy, Flynn and  from 6N and Michelle from 6M. Our group was studying food. On the day we offered Indian food to the adults. We also put our poster and recipe book on display for people to look at.

During the 4 weeks of preparation for the Asian Expo I learnt a lot about Indian food.  One of the things that I learnt was that the southern and northern regions of India have different types of foods. Southerners use a lot of spices and the northerners are more rural. Indians use curry like a gravy and curry is a very important food in India. I really enjoyed learning about Indian food as India has a lot of traditional food and it was very interesting.

Indian Expo

A couple of days ago the grade 5/6 student’s stated to work on a Indian Expo. When we were doing the work for the expo we had to split up into diffirent groups. With the groups we each got a topic my topic was dance and entertainment also in my group i had Nick, Amiee, Ashlea, Ardyia and i . As we were we resarching i learnt that people in india dance for fun and to relax my group did 3 poster’s and 1 slide show. Here are some quotes well Chris from 5G said ” good job on your slide show ” and Miss Tan said ” excellent  presentation very enjoyable ”.  I  sure that every one presented the work i loved it all.

India expo

On the 1st of April the the hole 5/6 team had and expo . The grade 5’s did Singaporeand the grade 6’s did India we all had a subject my subject was sport in India. In my group I had Noah, Patrick, Charlie and I. Patrick and Charlie did hockey and Noah and I did cricket but that’s enough about my group lets get on to another grade not 6M because they did it whit us so I will go on 6w. One group in that grade did a great big model of the Taj  Mahal and because India are big on hockey so they made a model of a hockey game over all the day was great and I learnt alot about India and Singapore.                    

India/Asia Expo

A couple of weeks ago we started to work on our India/Asia expo. Our grade 6N combined with 6M and we worked together. We were put into groups of 3-6 people in one group with a topic. In my group I had Dawn, Deegan , Ewan and I and our topic was Tourism. The first week or two we did some reasearch about India and in the last couple of weeks we worked on the posters, powerpoints and printing off all the information. When the day arrived I was very excited but not excited at the same time, because I was not going to the expo because I was not at school on that day Tuesday the 1st of April , I was going to a state hockey trial known as SSV. I don’t know how the expo went but im guessing everyone presented the work neatly and correctly and people loved it.