Harmony Day…


On Friday the 21st of March all the students at Berwick Lodge Primary School dressed up in orange and traditional uniforms to celebrate Harmony day. Harmony Day is intended to show the differences in people in Australia and promote a tolerant and culturally diverse society.

The continuing message of Harmony Day is ‘Everyone Belongs’. It is about community participation, inclusiveness, celebrating diversity, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.

Communities themselves decide how they would like to come together to mark the occasion – some have morning teas, others organise a fair and some celebrate by dressing in national costumes. Since 1999, a wide variety of groups including sports organisations, community groups, local government, churches, schools and businesses have staged more than 55 000 Harmony Day events, with nearly 6,500 events registered in 2011. In 2012, the theme for Harmony Day was ‘Sport: Play, Engage, Inspire’, recognising the important role and positive influence that sport has in Australia.

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