Harmony Day

On Friday the 21st of March it was Harmony Day. Our school wore orange to celebrate Harmony Day. In the morning at  9:30 the whole school sat around the basketball courts with their buddies. First we started off with one dance the students made up. When the dances were going, it started to rain , then we saw lighting and then you heard the thunder.We had to stop the dances and go straight back to our classrooms, but we went to our buddy class.With our buddies we made little people and dressed them and then we made paper chains. Over all it was a very good day apart from the thunder, lighting and the rain.

Harmony Day

On the Friday the 21st of March when the sun was shinning  we celebrated Harmony Day. The whole school were asked to wear traditional clothes or wear orange. In the morning the whole school went out onto the basketball courts to have a parade. It started off by having a couple of kids from one class to go into the center of the basketball courts and do some dances. The dances were great! but by the end of the first dance of course…it started raining it wasnt pooring down but it was dripping and there were a few lightning strikes. After that dance we had another dance and that is when the rain started getting heavier, when the dance finished and everyone was applauding and the thunder was roaring Mrs Cusack asked for everyone to walk back to there classes. My grade went back to our prep grade when we got to our prep class we did some activities to recess. Before I  finish this post i would just like to say when we entered our prep class 5 minutes after of course…. the sun came back out.


Harmony day

On the 20th of march 2014 at Berwick Lodge Primary School. All the grades went on the school basketball courts to celebrate harmony day. When we got there are grade were a bit early so we had to wait on the other classes. when everybody came, we were companied by our buddies in grade prep. At first two groups had to do a dance they were from Africa and Asia. The groups involved both 6M and 6W, they were really entertaining. But after it started raining and there was a lot of thunder and lighting, so we went inside with our buddies.

At our buddies class we made a paper person and we also made a chain out of some flags around the county. A little later the rain didn’t look like it was going to stop. so then we play guess what we are drawing, we had to guess the drawing. But then we had to go it was a really good, but it could be better if it didn’t stop raining.

Harmony Day…


On Friday the 21st of March all the students at Berwick Lodge Primary School dressed up in orange and traditional uniforms to celebrate Harmony day. Harmony Day is intended to show the differences in people in Australia and promote a tolerant and culturally diverse society.

The continuing message of Harmony Day is ‘Everyone Belongs’. It is about community participation, inclusiveness, celebrating diversity, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.

Communities themselves decide how they would like to come together to mark the occasion – some have morning teas, others organise a fair and some celebrate by dressing in national costumes. Since 1999, a wide variety of groups including sports organisations, community groups, local government, churches, schools and businesses have staged more than 55 000 Harmony Day events, with nearly 6,500 events registered in 2011. In 2012, the theme for Harmony Day was ‘Sport: Play, Engage, Inspire’, recognising the important role and positive influence that sport has in Australia.

Harmony Day

On Friday the 21st March was Harmony Day. On this day, everyone at Berwick Lodge had to dress up in a traditional costume or orange. I do not have a traditional costume so I just wore orange. At 9:30 the whole school assembled on the basketball courts for a parade.

To start, there were two groups of people who performed their dance for performing arts. I personaly thought that they were both very good and  enjoyed it. I thought that it was really funny because at the end of each dance there was a strike of lightening and then thunder.

Unfortunately, after both the dances had finished, it started to spit so we had to go inside. Some people from our grade and their buddies went to the front of the school to have a photo in front of the Harmony Day sign, one of them was me. After we took the photo, we had to quickly get back to class because it started to rain heavily.

Because of the rain, we had to do indoor activities. We got to make people out of templates, paper chains with special paper, and also make paper human chains. My buddy and I made two people each and then she wanted to draw on the mini whiteboards, so that is what we did.

Even though the rain dissapointed everyone, it was still a great day and I think everyone had a great time.

Written by Aleece 6N