Forensic Science

Hello everyone I am Suvi and today I am here to talk to you guys about one of the things I am doing in my class. It is called forensic science. It is really cool and fun. On the 22/10/13  a detective came to meet us and talk about his experinces and about forensic science. One thing I thought was cool that he has a gun with him for safety because that was interesting. Also the shoe print comparisonwas amazing, because they are abel to compare a range of shoe with any other shoe.  We are also working on groups about forensic science. I am working on a case and the am skeching the crime scene and getting information.


Hello blogotics (bloging robotics),

This term we are starting a new specalist at school. We are doing robotics. With lego robots to be exact, and I am really enjoying it.

Every Tuesday we have been going to the to Mrs Rapinett’s room and using the robots and making them do lots weird movements.

The robots are really technical and so we have to use a program on the computer especially for these lego robots.

We have all each got our own robot with a partener. I have got robot number 7 with Abbey, and I am really enjoying doing the programming with her.

Well we have had two weeks of robotics so far and I can’t wait till next weeks lesson!!!




Florensic police visit By Brooke

Forensic police officer visit

On the 22nd of October 2013 all the grade five and sixes had a special visit come to our school and this special person who came to our school happened to be a Forensic scientist. And he taught us about what a Forensic scientist do’s and how they find out who has committed a crime some things they look at is hair, material, blood stains , and any CCTV cameras who saw or filmed the footage. I had a great time listening to Nigel Fox and he was a great talker.

By Brooke

tusday 22nd october 2013, police lerning.

Tuesday 22nd October 2013, a police detective came to the after school care building. It was very similar to a video game, such as looking for clues, like the gun on the ground, blood/ sauce and footprints. The man talked about what would happen if someone got shot. He said it was ‘Joe’ so the detective asked Joe if he did it. The detectives would then compare shoes and the gun. I knew some of the things all ready, but it was great! (Even the rain stopped in the middle)
It was fun to know what a police detective does!


Hello blog readers,

Hey guess what we have started a new specialist this term and it is…………………………..


In robotics we get to do all sorts of stuff with little robots, these robots are HI-TECH!

The robots can be programed to do different movements.

You program the robots on a special computer program and then you have to attach the USB from the computer into the robot, this action then downloads into your robots brain (computer robot brain).

Once the action has downloaded into the robots brain you press the “RUN” button on the robot then it goes!

I really like going to robotics because I learn how to do something different every time!









Writing Project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


At school last week, our class teacher Mrs Naismith told us that our grade would be starting a writing project.

So far in this writing project our grade has already completed the first task which is letter writing.

Tomorrow we are starting a second task which will be procedural writing, I have been looking forward to this one!

So far I have really enjoyed the writing project because I like writing and I like decorating and these 2 things that I enjoy are included in this project.


I will keep you informed on this project in the weeks to come.


If you have any questions about this project you can write a comment below my post.

5/6N need to get writing! : )


( image from Wikimedia)


Nicks Holiday

Before my holiday started my dad came from overeseas.He was only here for two months and went back to work for six months, but im happy i get to see him once a year so its not too bad.When my holiday started we headed off to my sisters house for the week.My mum and i didn’t do much, beside me and my sister fighting, but i really don’t want to talk about.After all that we went to my aunts house for dinner and we got some KFC .When we got home to eat our chicken it was all burnt so my aunt,mum and i went back to get a refund and we did.We got a refund of twenty dollars,after that we stayed the night and the next day we packed our bags to go home and get ready for school the next day. So that’s about it.

My School Holidays

Over the holidays I really didn’t do much, but I did the 1000 steps!

The 1000 steps was really hard, I felt tired, sick, extreamly hot and really thirsty.

The first couple 100 steps my mum was tired already and she said that she wouldn’t make it, so Spike and I went ahead.

Spike said to me” Do you want to walk or jog” and I said walk so he went ahead so I was on my own, I was walking alot and had millions of stops to catch my breath, I got to the last 100 m but I  went back down and I saw my mum and we all finished it together.


Hi blog readers,

As you all know Berwick Lodge have just had a two week end of term holiday. I had got up to many fabulous things over the holiday and I would like to tell you a few of those things.

Firstly, my Mum, brother and I went to the Tulip Festival. I was so exited to step out of the car and in to the field full of beautiful flowers of all different colours. There was white, blue, pink, purple, gold and many more colours and they all had really funny names. My favourite were the multicoloured ones. After looking at the flowers we had a look at all of the shops and food stores before going. At the end of the day I left  the festival with a new dutch tulip snowglobe and a huge smile on my face. Those pretty flowers put me in a bright happy mood.

Another thing I did  on the holidays was go to the movies to see the Smurfs 2. The movie was great. It was about little blue people and an ugly wizard. I really enjoyed the movie and think it is better then the first one. It’s much funnier.

Well they are two of the things that I did on the holidays.

My holidays by Brooke

The first week of the holidays I spent with my Mum,  we had a fantactic week and the first thing we did was pick up my cousen Keely. Keely is 18 years old and she loves sport! another thing Keely loves is spending time with me and her cousen we get along like sisters and we sometimes fight like 4 year olds but the main reasson why Keely came over was because it was my birthdayin a weeks time and she wanted to spend time with me. The next day my Nanny came over to say happy birthday! she also came with my other two cousens Shay and Noah, Noah is 3 years old and Shay is 11 years old and we had a fun time over all and I had a great birthday at my dads too.

by Brooke