5/6N Visits Mansfield Street Kindergarten

On Thursday the 19th of September 2013, Mrs Naismith and Mrs Cusack had organised for 5/6N to walk down to the Mansfield Street Kindergarten to meet our kinder buddies and give them a little gift.

That day it was raining but stopped luckily just before we left for our short journey to the kinder.We were hoping the rain would lay off the whole time we were walking there and it did just that.

As soon as we arrived all the kinder kids were so happy to see us again and we hadn’t even given them their gifts yet. But they were all so sad as well because their budgie, Princess Fiona, had just died and they had just buried her. After that sad news we all  wandered around and found our past buddies. My buddies name was Jessica she was gorgeous, Gemma and I shared her.

First of all Jessica, Gemma and I found a place to sit, then we gave Jessica her gifts, they were books that we had made in class and they looked awesome. I made a book called ‘I love Animals’ and Gemma’s book was called ‘At Kinder’ The children really liked them because they were colourful and because they were simple. We even taught Jessica how to read the books!

After everyone had given and read their book to their buddies we found something else to do Jessica. Gemma and I drew pictures and Jessica drew me one to keep.

Then Jessica got bored of drawing so we went to the sand table. If you’re wondering it is a table where you draw a picture with glue and then you pour coloured sand on top of the glue. Then you tip the remaining sand and it reveals your pretty picture in colourful sand ( pretty cool). Jessica made Gemma and I a sand picture too. Mine was a butterfly and Gemma’s was a person.

Time flies and it was nearly time to go, so Jessica showed Gemma and I around her kinder. She showed us pratically everything from animals to these microscope things that made you look like you had 17 faces.

After all that fun we said goodbye to all of our buddies and gave them a hug and walked back to school.

Kindy Books 2

Hello blog readers,

The idea of having our own book made for the kindy kids has gone to the next level.

Today Abbey and I have finished our books, and they were recorded efficiently and professionally by the great Mrs King (Teacher of Prep K.)

Wow, we were so, so proud to see our books finally finished and playing on the Ipad screen.

Our books are very colourful, bright and happy! Abbey’s book is called “Up In The Sky” and you guessed it is about things in the sky! Amie’s is called “Little Things” and once again you have probably figured out that it’s about little things such as a mouse, flower and birds. They look wonderful!

There were some fantastic comments about all the books grade 5/6N had made…….

Mrs Naismith, (teacher of 5/6N) shared with us “I am particularly proud with the effort in everyones books, they look sensational!”

Mrs King , stated “Great job they look fabulous! I think all of the books will educate the kindy kids with the repetitiveness of the words.”

All those comments really boosted our confidence with showing the books to the kids tomorrow.












Bimbo & Topsy!


On Monday the 9th of September I finnished my book which was called Clementine Rose And The Pet Day Disaster.

So there for I needed another book to read at school.

So yesterday I started my mum’s 39-40 year old book which is called Bimbo & Topsy.

I really like this book because it is about a cat named Bimbo and a puppy-dog called Topsy and in the story they become best friends who are double trouble!

They get up to all sorts of mischeif in the story.

I am really enjoying the first story/chapter and I have still got 19 more chapters to go.



Kinder Books


Yesterday, the grade of 5/6N got informed about a very special visit to Mansfield Street Kindergarden. We are going next week to see the childen and give them a gift we make. The very lucky kindy kids are going to be receiving a classmade picture story book. I am very fond of the idea as I think it will educate the kids.

Every studen of 5/6N will be making there own short story book. I think my idea is really good and the kindy kids will like it. My book is called “LITTLE THINGS!”

First we all had to make a rough copy in our writing books about what the story is going to be about. I am up to the front cover of my story, it is looking great.

We still have a long way to go with making our books, but I still think and hope the children will like it.

Kinder Books!


Yesterday the 10th of september, while I was in LEEP my grade started on the rough copy for the kinder books that we are making.

Now this is how it works:

What we have to do is make a short picture story book to give to the kindy kids at Mansfield ST Kinder – garden next Thursday.

All of grade 5/6N will be making one of their own books, so far the ideas I have come up with for my picture story book are really good and I think the kindy kids will like it alot.

I really like this idea and I think the kindy kids will love the books once they get them.