Book Show Bag Expo By Amie

Book Show Bag Expo!

On the afternoon of the 22nd of August 2013, the 5/6’s were all very excited because the day of the Book Show Bag Expo was finally here.

Recently the 5/6’s have been working on a Book Show Bag project. First the students had to choose a book to do their project on. Next they had to do a large amount of tasks for it. For example a front cover, blurb, dictionary, significant scene and many more too.

Everyone was franticly getting ready and laying out all of their Show Bag tasks. The clock finally ticked over to 2:30pm and the expo had started.

Many  parents and students started to come in and crowd the room, and come to see all of the phenomenal work that everyone had done. Many people had great comments on my work which made me feel very proud. My show bag was on Brer Rabbit by Enid Blyton.

Mrs King (teacher of Prep K) commented, “I loved your dictionary, a great way to explain tricky words.”

Helen (Mum of a student at Berwick Lodge) expressed, “I really enjoyed the interesting facts on Enid Blyton. Wow she has written a lot of books. Your hand writing was also excellent.”

Abbey (student in 5/6N) stated, “Amie I love your work, it looks great when you can see all of it.”

After all of the excitement and fun, the day came to an end. All of the students waited for the bell to ring to close the day.

By Amie



3 thoughts on “Book Show Bag Expo By Amie

  1. Your work is amazing Amie as you would already know also your words in your report are very descriptive! 🙂

  2. Amie it looks amazeing! I love your drawings and it really makes me feel like reading your book, the Brer Rabbit.

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