Book Show Bag Expo

 Book Show Bag Expo


 On Thursday 22nd August 2013, the 5/6 area of B.L.P.S had a   Book Show Bag Expo, we were allowed to invite all friends and  family.


I invited my dad and Shannon, they had a look at everyone’s work, my dad had stated, “Gangster Granny seems like a really fun book, after seeing your introductions to the character I would certainly want to read it”!


After everyone looked around we all came back at 3:14 to sit at our tables and hope that people would write a comment.

Miss Craig (the sport teacher) commented and said, “ I loved your front cover Blaise”!


Also Nihaal (a student in 5/6N) said, “Loved your front cover Blaise”!


I really loved just looking at other peoples work, especially Abbey’s, Amie’s and Jake’s.


At the end of the day the bell rang and some kids went home happily and proud with their amazing work with their parents, some people stayed a little bit longer to look at other people’s work without the chaos.


After all I think it was a really good day, I think we’re all proud of our work and I recommend it to carry on.

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