5/6N’s Visit to the Craigcare Nursing Home

On Friday the 30th of August, all of 5/6 N  walked to the Craigcare Nursing Home to say a big “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY” to all of the lovely gentlemen. We all coloured in ties to give to them as a little present and it really made their day because some of them didn’t have family coming to visit them on Father’s Day.

Kiah said, ” I was really nervous when we first walked into the nursing home.Even though the man ( Ian) I gave my tie to couldn’t talk, he was always smiling and laughing so it made me smile, it really made my day and also really warmed my heart”.

Caeden stated, “At the start I wondered what it would be like but at the end of the day I was really happy I had made someone else happy”.

Jake commented, “Seeing all the ladies and gentlemen at the Craigcare Nursing Home was really important to not only us but the ladies and gentlemen too. We made some Father’s Day ties and cards, to give to the men. When we gave our cards to the men, we all agreed we had a warm feeling in our hearts. It was great to meet all of the lovely people”.

Ish said, ” I was really scared when we were going to Craigcare. I never knew I could be that proud of myself and I felt really happy when they were happy”.

Erin stated, ” I loved visiting the Craigcare Nursing Home! I mostly loved seeing the tears of joy and the big smiles on the elderly’s faces. It was a great day and I would love to go again!”.

By Kiah and Erin

5/6 Book Show Bag Expo


On Thursday 22nd of August the 5/6’s did a Book show bag expo. A book show bag is a show bag based on a story e.g.:  Diary of a wimpy kid. They included dictionary using words from the book and an Alternative ending. It started at 2:30pm and finished at 4:00

Each show bag also included a comment sheet where people could comment on their work and tell them what they liked about the book.

One of Lockie comments said, “ Great job Lockie! Looks like a great book!”.

Suvi commented, “You get an A+++++”.

My buddy Dion from Prep S wrote “I love all the dictionary meanings”.

It was a great exciting day. I was loved looking at everyone else’s outstanding work and it was exciting on all the grades that came in.

Book Show Bag Expo By Amie

Book Show Bag Expo!

On the afternoon of the 22nd of August 2013, the 5/6’s were all very excited because the day of the Book Show Bag Expo was finally here.

Recently the 5/6’s have been working on a Book Show Bag project. First the students had to choose a book to do their project on. Next they had to do a large amount of tasks for it. For example a front cover, blurb, dictionary, significant scene and many more too.

Everyone was franticly getting ready and laying out all of their Show Bag tasks. The clock finally ticked over to 2:30pm and the expo had started.

Many  parents and students started to come in and crowd the room, and come to see all of the phenomenal work that everyone had done. Many people had great comments on my work which made me feel very proud. My show bag was on Brer Rabbit by Enid Blyton.

Mrs King (teacher of Prep K) commented, “I loved your dictionary, a great way to explain tricky words.”

Helen (Mum of a student at Berwick Lodge) expressed, “I really enjoyed the interesting facts on Enid Blyton. Wow she has written a lot of books. Your hand writing was also excellent.”

Abbey (student in 5/6N) stated, “Amie I love your work, it looks great when you can see all of it.”

After all of the excitement and fun, the day came to an end. All of the students waited for the bell to ring to close the day.

By Amie



Book Show Bag Expo

 Book Show Bag Expo


 On Thursday 22nd August 2013, the 5/6 area of B.L.P.S had a   Book Show Bag Expo, we were allowed to invite all friends and  family.


I invited my dad and Shannon, they had a look at everyone’s work, my dad had stated, “Gangster Granny seems like a really fun book, after seeing your introductions to the character I would certainly want to read it”!


After everyone looked around we all came back at 3:14 to sit at our tables and hope that people would write a comment.

Miss Craig (the sport teacher) commented and said, “ I loved your front cover Blaise”!


Also Nihaal (a student in 5/6N) said, “Loved your front cover Blaise”!


I really loved just looking at other peoples work, especially Abbey’s, Amie’s and Jake’s.


At the end of the day the bell rang and some kids went home happily and proud with their amazing work with their parents, some people stayed a little bit longer to look at other people’s work without the chaos.


After all I think it was a really good day, I think we’re all proud of our work and I recommend it to carry on.

Book Show Bag Expo

On the 22nd of August 2013 at 2:30 to 4:00pm all the grade fives and sixes had a Book Show Bag Expo, everyone was invited to come and see the fabulous work.

Then some of us left the classroom to look at other peoples work. Firstly we went to 5G and my favourite book show bag was the one about a book called Ruby Redfoot. Then we went to 5W and my favourite book show bag there was The Hobbit because it had a really detailed board game (and there were lollipops if you commented.)

Then we went back to the classroom and I had about 8 comments!


Mr Kelly commented,” I love the pictures! great work!”

my lovely mum said,” I love it Hayden I’m very proud of you”

Someone else said, “ Great work the board game is terrific”.

Then a small group of my grade went into Miss Tan’s classroom and my favourite book show bag there was the one about the book Rangers Apprentice.

Some other person commented, “I love the Hobbit house good work”

Then we headed back to the classroom with the end of the school day looming upon us.

Overall I think the expo was a great idea and it was good fun to go around and look at other people’s work.

Book Show Bag Expo!

The Book Show Bag Expo!

Yesterday the 22nd of August, it was an exciting afternoon for everyone at Berwick Lodge P.S (as well as some visiting parents), because the Book Show Bag expo had finally come!

The grade fives and sixes had their display all set up and ready to go.

When the clock showed that it was 2:30pm all the classes and parents started to flow in like a raging river!, to have a look at the fantastic work.

Some of the comments on my work were:

From Subhashini, “Awesome display and interesting work. It seems like a good book!”

This comment from Amie, “You are so creative with your work Abbey! I love it!”

Lastly this comment from Miss Bowden, “Amazing work you should be very proud.”

After all the comments and the people coming in and out of the classroom to see the work, the busy afternoon came to a close.

Oh and if you came to this great expo, on behalf of myself and the school, thank you for coming and we hope you enjoyed! By Abbey!

Book Show Bag

Book Show Bag Expo

On the 22nd of August at Berwick Lodge Primary School the 5/6s had Book Show Bag Expo.  The book show bag is a project where students had to choose a favourite book to study. Students had to do at least  7 compulsory tasks and 1 optional task. From 2-4pm parents grandparents etc. were invited to come and look at students spectacular work. Even the students were allowed to go to other rooms and look at other students amazing work.  The book that I studied was Jasper Zammit (soccer legend) number 3. The reason I chose that book was because the message of the story was really inspirational.


Every student was given a piece of paper where you were allowed to write comments. I didn’t get lots of comments because I didn’t get leave the piece of paper on my table, the reason why didn’t put it on my table was because I had to filming with Mr Kelly. But I had some comment. Here are some comments.


Ellen ( Ewan’s mum ) commented “Wonderful use of colour! Your drawings is very detailed and your writing is very descriptive. Well done  J,”

Miss Bowden said. “Very detailed illustrations, they help tell the story!” Miss Bowden said.

Mr Kelly stated. “This is great work, Ish!” .

Jake said. “Well done Ish a lot of detail in the drawings.”

At the end of the day my mouth dropped by looking at the amazing work. I really loved the Book Show Bag Expo!

Book Show Bag Expo By Brooke



On the 22nd of August 2013 all of the gorgeous grade five and sixes had a Book Show Bag Expo, The Book Show Bag Expo is a project that all of the grade five sixes have been working on for more than eight weeks. Our task was to try and persuade other students to read our book.

Erin from 5/6N said, “wow! Brooke I love your front cover and your significant scene.”

Just after we had displayed our Book Show Bag we could put out a comment sheet for other people to comment on our work.

Rahni from 5/6N commented “I love your significant scene, you are very creative Brooke keep it up!”

Amie from 5/6N said, “I love it! Looks like you have put a lot of effort, you have convinced me to read your book.”

Then at the end of the day the students from the other grades got told to go back to their class rooms as they got told the bell went and it was time to go home.

Book Show Bag Expo

On the 22nd of August every grade 5 and 6 student showed off their amazing work on their book show bag at an expo. Everyone had amazing work, there was work displaying things from dragons to hunters.

Cayleb’s mum commented, “Awesome job mate, I am very proud of you!” Jake from 5/6N said, “Great front cover! I can see you put a lot of effort into it!

Heath from 6T said, “Really nice show bag Cayleb! It’s definitely a book I would like to read!

At Berwick Lodge Primary School it is safe to say everyone has done an outstanding job with their book show bag. They were all effective and looked great. The expo was a great success!

Book Show Bag Expo

It was 2:30pm on the 22nd of August 2013.The Berwick Lodge 5/6 students were,preparing for the show bag expo. Mrs Naismith then opened the door for the many parents to enter the room.

Some people commented on my work these are some of the comments…Rahni stated, “ I love all of your pictures you drew amazing work Erin!’.

Brodie commented, “Erin your work is amazing I have read this book but I really want to read it again after seeing this!”.

Miss Bowden said, “beautiful use of colour”.

Amy also commented,” I love everything you have done I want to read the book now!”.

Mrs Naismith said,” I was so proud of every ones effort in 5/6N with their book show bags!”.

There were lots of parents and friends at this exciting event. We have been working on our show bags for quite a while now so Thursday was the big day, to show off all our hard work. My mum came to see my work after 3:30pm.

Altogether it was a fantastic day, but it was 3:30pm which meant we had to be in the classrooms ready to pack up for the day. I had a wonderful day! Every one should be proud of the work they did