Graffiti Workshop

On the 22nd of July the Grade 5 students went to a graffiti workshop with Miss Tan to meet a man named Xaivier. We talked about how doing graffiti without permision is vandalism and with permision it is art. He told us a story by dressing up as a guy and to fit in with his mates he did some graffiti. He got into heaps of trouble with the police and his friends did not stand by him. He also ended up upsetting his parents to the point of them crying and yelling. So in short the message of the story was, “Don’t do graffiti without permision or you will regret it by getting into serious trouble.”  I really believe that but I might do graffiti art with permision as a hobby as that sounds like fun.

Living things and Non living!

On the 24 th of July, we learn’t about living things and non living things.Living things like a cat,dog,fish,seaweed ect.Non living things like computer,keyborad,table ect.We also did a worksheet I liked the worksheet that we did because I feel like i learn’t alot about living things and non living things.Then after that we corrected the worksheet I got all of the questions correct.I really liked that lesson.I felt like I learn’t something.when I got home I told my parents that I felt like I know alot more about living things and non living things.

Non living and Living

Yesterday on the 24th of July we had a different teacher and the teacher was Mrs Luketic and Mrs.Nasmith applyed a sheet that was about living and non living things the meaning  of this activity is about talking about living things,once livings and non livings we had to read about the living things,once living things and non living things then we had to write things in three columns there were non living things,once living things,and living things in the end i got all of them right and I learnt a lot of new things.

Non living things and living things!

On the 24th of July we learned about living things and non living things. It wasn’t Mrs Naismith who was teaching us it was Mrs Luketic  my grade 4 teacher. Mrs Lucketic is a really good teacher.We had Mrs Luketic from the start of the day till lunch.The 7 things that a living thing has that a non living thing doesn’t have is that the non living can’t move, a non living thing can’t change gases with the enviroment,non living thngs don’t have feelings, non living things don’t need food, non living things don’t need to remove  products from the organism, non living things  can’t copy and non living things can’t grow. 

I really loved doing that activity.Everyone should do this activity because it was really fun. Another reason I loved the activity was because I’ve never learned about non living thing and living things before.      


This week we’ve been learning about Sustainability/ Enviroment. We all chose a enviroment, I chose the Atoll same as Caeden. Caeden and I are working on our drawings and cutting them out . wile we were doing that Mrs Naismith was making the backgroud on the display bord, it looked really good, but I wished I could help.

Living and Non living!

Yesterday the 24th of July while we were in class we learnt about living and non living things.

Some of the things we summurised for living things were:

Animals, humans and plants (they are the main living things.)

Some of the things we summurised for non living things were:

Buildings, books, posters, computers, ipods and I could go on and on forever.

The reason we did these things were because we wanted to figure out what living things need to survive and function which is part of our topic in school this term which is Sustainability which also comes in to the enviroment.

So I learnt a few things in that lesson, which might help me when I am older.

P.S I like learning this topic!